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Our Mission

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Join Us On
Our Mission


We work hard &
play even harder

Be part of an awesome family. At StaffAny, we love crafting ideas that empower everyone’s favourite shops and restaurants. In addition, we take great pride in building a better workplace for the world, and are focused on helping everyone achieve their goals. But while we’re not hard at work, we take our fun and creativity very seriously.​

Driven To
Make A Change

We’re working hard at digitising and automating the experience of managing hourly workers through a data-driven approach. Furthermore, we are passionate in driving innovation and designing a product that we love and are all proud of! By bringing everyone together on a common integrated platform, we free up every individual, be it whether manager or employee to do what matters.

Dedicated To
Be The Difference

We’re dedicated to aligning difficult decisions with mission intent and are get-goers who strive relentlessly towards our objectives. We trust everyone in the team, we also believe that every employee is a star and has what it takes to make StaffAny a better place. If you’re someone who enjoys learning and taking calculated risks, we’re confident that we’ll make a dream team together!


We're Familiar

We are like a friend to our customers. We are just a message away, and we proactively check on them from time to time.


We're Empathetic

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We always take the time to listen and understand their point of view, and strive to help them first.

We're Fresh

We bring new energy to the game. We are fired up about the new opportunities ahead, and our enthusiasm is contagious.


We're Empowering

We’re the sidekicks to our superheroes (our customers) and no matter the job, we’re here to offer support. We affirm and celebrate wins together.

StaffAny Careers, Careers

Learn While
You Earn

At StaffAny, there’s always room and time for you to discover and nurture new skills.

StaffAny Careers, Careers

Of Colours
& Culture

We feed off each other’s laughter to fill the office with fun and positivity.

StaffAny Careers, Careers

Work As You
Imagine It To Be

We want your work to lead to your dreams, and be as fulfilling as you want it to be.

StaffAny Careers, Careers

What Suits
Your Style

Work hours are not determined by the clock, but by your performance and drive.

StaffAny Careers, Careers
StaffAny Careers, Careers
StaffAny Careers, Careers
StaffAny Careers, Careers

Working as a software engineer at StaffAny is very exciting. We tackle dynamic problems everyday while focusing on the customer. I also appreciate the StaffAny team’s transparency and openness, which help create a safe and constructive working environment.

Albert Yeoh, Software Engineer

StaffAny Careers, Careers
StaffAny Careers, Careers

StaffAny is just like my mum – nurturing, empathetic and supportive. She showers me with countless of opportunities to grow as a UX/UI designer and team player. She can be a hustler at times though, just make sure that you can keep up with her pace.

Vanessa Kwa, Product Designer



Acccount Manager


Accounting and Finance Manager


HR & Ops Exec