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Cost Savings Calculator

Many businesses are unaware that high labour costs come from low labour productivity and inefficient time-tracking.

Use our Cost Savings Calculator to find out your potential annual savings with StaffAny.

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Applicant Tracking System

StaffAny’s free Applicant Tracking System streamlines your hiring process. You can generate, consolidate, track and manage all job applications with ease.

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Payslip Generator

StaffAny’s free Payslip Generator template contains CPF contribution calculator, automated MOM OT Calculation and SDL calculator.

Generate payslips for your salaried and hourly staff and email them directly!

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From HR management tips and industry insights to guides on managing employee well-being, our blog offers helpful access into best practices and tips for managing your business effectively!

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Progressive Wage Model

Use our template for Progressive Wage Model (PWM) – The first of its kind in Singapore to easily calculate and project your labor costs and how it affects your company revenue in advance.

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Case Studies

StaffAny’s customers are our best testaments. Find out how their operations have improved since using StaffAny, helping them save time, reduce cost and increase overall productivity.