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Consider us your personal assistant. Our always-on, always connected workforce management solution helps you save cost, spend less time and gets smarter as you grow.

Our Customers By The Numbers

We're Here To Help You Be The Changemaker

We know it’s not easy to be a changemaker. But the best leaders embrace change to make things right. We are here to help you make that a frictionless process.

“Staff scheduling and Payroll administration have always been a tedious and time-consuming manual process. StaffAny has been great in satisfying all our requirements, allowing us to truly free up our time spent on administrative tasks, we are happy customers!”

why StaffAny, Why StaffAny

Dionis, Owner
Lean Bento

why StaffAny, Why StaffAny

Providing You Data That Helps You Scale

It’s hard to navigate in the dark, and we shed light for you to make data-driven decisions to better scale.

We use StaffAny because it gives us a better overview of what’s going on, in real time! This allows us to better plan and adjust multibranch operations seamlessly.

why StaffAny, Why StaffAny

Edmund, Ops Development Manager
Gelare Ice Cream

why StaffAny, Why StaffAny

Helping You Build Trust From Within

The best kind of leaders understands the power of a self-actualised team. Build trust via our accountability features, so that you and your team can be aligned to focus on the common objective of scaling the business.

“After implementing StaffAny, our Staff performance improved. The shift reminders have reduced our staff lateness by about 50%!”

why StaffAny, Why StaffAny

Allan, Manager
Jibiru Bar

why StaffAny, Why StaffAny

Yes, We've Been There Before

StaffAny started off as a school project. Janson, our cofounder, used to manage a bar in 2014. Realising that the tools available to manage shift workers were ineffective, he co founded a team of problem solvers to develop StaffAny whilst in the Bay Area under the NUS Overseas College program. 

That resulted in StaffAny, a Silicon Valley inspired, Singapore built workforce management solution that enables businesses and their staff to do what matters.

StaffAny x The Royals Manager Jasmine Lu