Our deepest condolences to spreadsheet scheduling

We've launched people to the moon, and have self driving cars on the road. Why does your business have to continue struggling with tools of the past? StaffAny's free Employee Scheduling Software helps you plan schedule with better cost control, faster speed, on the go!

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling

Familiar, But More Powerful

Real Time Availabilities​

With a connected workforce, know who is on leave, and which of your part timers are available before planning for your A-team in a familiar interface.

Schedule Your Staff In One Click with Auto-Scheduling

We understand that speed and accuracy is everything. Just by clicking on the shifts, you instantly assigned your staffs to shift. We provide you with the schedule templates that can be customized based on your needs.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling
Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling

For Managers Who Want Better Cost Control

Get Better Visibility of Labour Costs While Scheduling

Our budgeting automatically updates you of weekly labor costs based on your schedule. Take control of your actual labor costs to optimise and achieve your target manpower budget. Lower your operating cost to increase your take home profits.

Stay in Compliance With Labour Laws

Manage overtime and hours to stay in compliance with labour hours requirements. Get visibility over staff real schedule hours across outlets and periods.

Whether It's One, Or A Hundred Outlets, We’ve Got Your Back

Reduce Scheduling Error

Visualize staff’s schedule across multiple outlets in one view. Manage employees across different outlets easily as StaffAny highlights clashing shifts for you.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling
Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling

Get everyone in the loop

Real Time Schedule Update

Let us help you communicate schedule changes. Your team gets the latest schedule and StaffAny automatically updates the staff schedule and highlights conflicts.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling

The app makes the planning of my weekly schedule so much more convenient and faster. Informing my staff about their schedule is also just done by a click of a button!

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling

Jasmine, Owner
The Royals Bistro

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Feature – Scheduling

Manage schedules remotely, without missing out on anything!

With the best free employee scheduling app from StaffAny you can build a schedule in minutes, share it instantly with your team and handle unexpected changes – all on the go.

Say bye to manual scheduling, forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

A staff scheduling software automates the process of creating employee schedules using a cloud-based rostering software, which is faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods. This software provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for real-time scheduling of staff, automatic reminders to employees, tracking of employee performance, and management of both full-time and part-time employees. StaffAny’s staff scheduling software offers features such as online scheduling, alerts for late employees, leave applications, and scheduling for multiple locations, helping to streamline HR and operational efficiency.

While the terminology may vary, both shift planning software and staff scheduling software have the same objective of streamlining and automating the process of creating work schedules, which can help businesses save time and increase efficiency.

A staff scheduling software decreases the time it takes to create and update employee schedules every week. With the right scheduling software, you can make your scheduling process much more efficient, with much better cost control. StaffAny offers an instant view of employees who are available for shifts, better visibility of labor costs, and a reduction in scheduling errors by visualizing staff schedules across multiple outlets.

When selecting a staff scheduling software, it is important to choose one that automates manual processes, is customizable to your business needs, and is user-friendly. It should also be flexible and adaptable as your business grows. StaffAny’s scheduling software offers a range of features, convenience, and functionality while prioritizing simplicity and ease of use.

Yes, the right scheduling software can help save time and labor costs. StaffAny’s scheduling software provides automation of manual processes, flexibility to customize to your specific needs, and ease of use. Our product specialists are available to assist you in exploring the best employee scheduling software for your business.