Effortlessly Manage Job Applications Quickly and for Free

Streamline Your Hiring Process and Find the Right Person in Half the Time with StaffAny's Applicant Tracking Software.

Applicant Tracking System

Connect with Job Seekers

Share multiple job posting on any platform, easily and quickly, with an auto generated QR code and URL. The applicant tracking systems can simplify the job seekers to fill their resumes and shorten the recruitment process in your company. Your hiring team can also track candidates’ throughout the recruiting process.

Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System

Manage Applicants Throughout the Hiring Process

Begin reviewing candidates instantly, when they submit an application. View applicant information and track job applications all in one place! Hope you can find qualified candidates, and don’t forget to do the next interview scheduling!

Customise Your Job Application Form

Use our customisable application form to ask the right screening questions to help you find the right staff. This feature makes StaffAny the leading applicant tracking system in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Applicant Tracking System

Hiring the right team will positively transform your organisation!

Frequently Asked Questions

An applicant tracking system is a software tool designed to manage and streamline the hiring process, from job application screening to managing applicants.

With an applicant tracking system like StaffAny, you can easily create a custom job application form with screening questions tailored to your specific needs. The system will generate a unique QR code and URL that you can publish to start receiving job applications from interested candidates. All applications can be viewed and tracked in one place, and their status can be updated as they move through the hiring process.

By placing the auto-generated QR code and URL on various platforms, you can manage multiple job application channels in one place using StaffAny’s applicant tracking system. This can help you easily consolidate all resumes and job applications from all channels, and quickly filter and select the right candidates for your business.

Yes, you can customize the screening questions on the job application form to help you find the right candidate. This feature allows you to ask specific questions to gauge the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and other job-related attributes.

StaffAny’s applicant tracking system is designed for HR managers, hiring managers, and business owners who need to manage the hiring process for both salaried and hourly workers.