Get Detailed HR Reports with Just One Click

Get real-time information on HR data changes in just a few clicks. Automatic report generation eliminates the need for manual calculations by managers, allowing for timely verification of timesheets and generation of payslips. Custom reports are available based on the needs of HR professionals.

, Feature – Real Time Reports

Stay Up-to-Date

Monitor Work Performance

Stay organized with exportable month-end reports. Monitor the performance of your stores with ease. Our HR software system will provide you with detailed reports.

, Feature – Real Time Reports
, Feature – Real Time Reports

Transparency Guaranteed

Time and Attendance Auditing

Keep your data transparent with an audit trail of all changes to timesheets. Ensure accountability and have peace of mind with the ability to review all data.

Instant Access to Real-Time Data

Effortless Report Exportation

Eliminate delays and access real-time data from ground staff for payroll calculations. Our cloud-based solution allows for easy export of reports at any time for seamless integration with payroll software. Could be the best HR reporting tools system for your business, right?

, Feature – Real Time Reports
, Feature – Real Time Reports

Before engaging StaffAny, I had to spend a week calculating hours for around 30 staff. Now, I only need half a day to upload all my staff’s hours to my current payroll provider for salary consolidation. I thank StaffAny for their diligent arrangement and help, and for that they have designed a system which is suitable for our operation. It has since transformed and improved the way we work.

, Feature – Real Time Reports

Casey, Human Resource Manager

, Feature – Real Time Reports

Access Reports from Anywhere

Stay informed and on top of things with the HR reporting system from StaffAny app. Get real-time information and automatic report generation, monitor work performance, and generate payslips with ease, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

StaffAny’s management reporting software is a powerful data visualization tool that offers automated reports and interactive dashboards, which can assist businesses in improving their reporting capabilities.

StaffAny’s reporting tool is an all-in-one software that can be accessed on any device, including mobile. Using StaffAny’s reporting tools provides many benefits for businesses to improve productivity and performance management.

StaffAny’s reporting tools simplify and accelerate the reporting process for businesses. The tool provides valuable insights and allows businesses to track performance, labor costs, and employee attendance from multiple locations, all in one central location. With this level of visibility, businesses can make informed decisions about their operations and improve their overall efficiency.

StaffAny’s reporting tools offer a range of features to help businesses track and manage employee attendance and labor costs. These features include an overtime calculator, time tracking, leave requests, and other customizable reporting options. The reporting tools also provide real-time data and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

StaffAny’s reporting software can be beneficial for most industries that need to manage their human resources and track employee attendance and performance. F&B businesses, as well as construction companies, agencies, laborers, and other businesses with multiple employees, can benefit from the reporting software.