Data Analyst

What does SQL stand for? Wrong answers only

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About the Role

The Data Analyst is responsible for helping teams where necessary with their data needs (such as plumbing, analysis or visualization), and help improve the organizational data maturity. 

You’ll have the opportunity to work with other leaders across the StaffAny team like Internal Ops, Sales and Marketing, Product and Engineering to help with standardizing, designing, capturing, automating, and implementing their performance indicators. You’ll be exposed to data across a range of sources, from financial and revenue data to product-specific data. You’ll grow your technical and business knowledge across the spectrum as you take on challenging projects with hard-to-quantify data or goals. Eventually, you will have the chance to drive cross-functional company initiatives by analyzing data across different functional sources and discovering insights. 

As you will be our first data-focused hire, you will have the opportunity to lead the data maturity push in our team by improving data quality, and empowering other team members to make more data-driven decisions. You might be aspiring to eventually lead a data team as part of your career plans, and the breadth and depth of exposure to data processes, tooling, and work in this stint would put you in a good position to do so.

You are/have

  • Someone who can understand complex business requirements and translate them into technical requirements, quantitative metrics and dashboards
  • Ability to devise new metrics and visualizations for tracking business objectives
  • Fluent in SQL within analytical data warehouses (we use Bigquery) and in business intelligence tools (we use Metabase)
  • Passionate about data, analytics, and automation. Bonus if you have experience cleaning and modeling large quantities of raw, disorganized data (we use dbt)
  • Able to communicate and collaborate with different teams and stakeholders
  • Self-motivated and self-managing, with strong organizational skills
  • Experience in working with our data sources is a huge plus (Hubspot, Intercom, Segment, Stripe, and many others)
  • Prior experience in an analytics role, or equivalent education

You will find yourself

  • Collaborating with functions across the company (especially our Product Managers) to understand qualitative business requirements and translate them to quantitative, measurable goals
  • Designing and implementing methods to collect and clean data and building out reports and dashboards to help different functions hit their goals
  • Develop and maintain our data pipeline, with an emphasis on scalability and maintainability
  • Extend our data warehouse with relevant data models, and coverage of data quality tests for our data models
  • Understand and document the full lifecycle of data in our Data Catalog so data can be efficiently integrated, modeled, and analyzed
  • Developing and iterating on processes and workflows to help us maintain high-quality data and reporting
  • Assisting with driving cross-functional alignment through defining and consolidating the team’s data across different sources into a single source of truth
  • Working with the team to strike a good balance between executing on urgent business metrics, while building a good data process and foundation for future growth
  • Priorities for this role will be set by the CPO, but this function will collaborate with the Engineering team and report to the CTO.

Potential Performance Indicators

  • Number of dashboards and performance indicators maintained by the data team that the team relies on
  • Data features provided that help to drive our data maturity and improve our data capabilities
  • The business impact of executing on the insights surfaced from the data team

The Offer

  • The opportunity to drive actualized impact through data, across all functions in the team
  • The opportunity to set up data processes and shape the data function
  • Potential opportunity to grow into data leadership role as company grows
  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment that always stretches you and forces you to be slightly uncomfortable
  • Work with talented, intense, and motivated colleagues in a dynamic and vibrant environment