Effortless and Accurate

Say goodbye to manual leave tracking and errors with StaffAny's online leave management system. Tailored to your team's needs, this software integrates with your schedules, providing real-time updates on who is available.

StaffAny Leave Management & Application

Make Your Life Easier with Accrual

Automate Leave Tracking, No More Manual Counting

StaffAny automatically adds to employee leave balances as they complete months with the company. Entitlements and carry-forward balances are also calculated at the end of each year.

Customising special case settings (OIL, good performance) to manage leave balances is simple too! Your company employee leave management system will be better and effective than before.

Comply with Labor Laws

Configure leave settings according to MOM recommendations, including probation, proration, entitlements, and carry-forward.

StaffAny Accrual
Leave Management, Feature – Leave Application

Leave Reports​

One-Shot Visibility on Entitlements & Balances​

Get an overview of all your staff’s leave information, including Total Leave Entitlement, Leave Dispatch To Date, Leaves Taken, and Leave Balance, in one place with the Leave Report feature of StaffAny.

Enhance transparency and clarity while reducing manual calculations and improve your visibility on your staff’s leave information.

Maintain Visibility & Structure For Leave Approval

Customize Leave Approval To Suit Your Needs

Maintain your team’s reporting hierarchy with StaffAny’s two-tier leave approval process.

Ensure efficient communication by allowing both HR and staff to access and view the latest approval status.

StaffAny Leave 2 tier approval
StaffAny accept reject leave

Easy Leave Approval Process

One Platform for Leave Management

Approve or decline leave requests with just a few clicks.

With StaffAny, all leave management is done on one platform, making it easier for both HR and staff.

Leave Overview on Schedule

Staff Self-Service for Leave Applications

Empower staff to manage their own availabilities by allowing them to apply for leaves through the StaffAny App.

Secure Storage of Leave Records

Keep all leave records and evidences such as medical certificates secure with our cloud-based storage.

StaffAny upload leave on app
Leave Management, Feature – Leave Application

After implementing StaffAny, our Staff performance improved. The shift reminders have reduced our staff lateness by about 50%!

Leave Management, Feature – Leave Application

Allan, Manager
Jibiru Bar

Leave Management, Feature – Leave Application

Manage leave applications remotely, without missing out on anything!

With the time off management software from StaffAny, you can keep track of staff’s leave entitlement and balance and approve/decline any leave requests – all on the go.

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

A leave management system is an application that simplifies the process of managing employee absences by allowing employers to track, approve, and manage time-off requests digitally, rather than using paper forms. This makes it easier to manage and keep track of employee absences.

StaffAny is a one-stop solution for managing leave applications. Our software is user-friendly, efficient, and saves time. With our easy setup, employees can request time off with just one touch. Additionally, our platform includes a range of other management tools to help you manage your HR operations with ease.

StaffAny offers a range of features, including time and scheduling management, timesheet data management for multiple branches from one central location, and an employee self-service portal. The app also offers several other features to make your HR operations more efficient, such as schedule and time tracking.

While most F&B businesses can use StaffAny to manage employee leave applications, other businesses with multiple workers, such as construction companies, agencies, and laborers, can also benefit from this software. Essentially, any business that needs to manage its human resources can utilize StaffAny’s leave management software.