Say Goodbye to Manual Timesheet Consolidation

We were once managers. We understand exactly how much time need to be spent to do the time tracking and manage the timesheet data. You will need to extend someone’s shift or deduct someone’s hours, and our employee timesheet software is designed to embrace changes on the ground.

Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets

Increase Efficiency with Automated Timesheet Consolidation

Automated Consolidation

One of the biggest challenges in payroll management is ensuring accuracy in work data. With StaffAny’s timesheet management software, this process is made easier through automation. Overtimes calculations, work performance, and any anomalies are automatically flagged for your review.

Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets
Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets

Costs Under Control

Smart Tooling To Control Costs

Never compare timesheets with planned schedules again. Our employee time tracking software automates rounding, prevents early clock-ins, and includes auto clock-out features to help control budgeted costs. Accurate time tracking software is all you need for successful project management.

Cover All Bases

Multi Outlets Consolidation​

Whether it’s one hour or a hundred hours, we’ve got you covered. Clock-in records from various outlets are consolidated for efficient payroll administration.

Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets
Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets

Reduce Back & Forth By Building Trust

Transparency of Timesheets for Everyone

With StaffAny, staff can view their own work history and improve performance through our online timesheet software. Reconciling work hours and staff work has never been easier. The transparency of our timesheets enables quick rectification of unmatched entries, leading to improved employee productivity.

Reduce Discrepancy of Hours

Improved communication between staff members helps resolve discrepancies. By allowing staff to view their own timesheets, trust is built and payslip discrepancies are eliminated.

Integrate to Payroll Providers or Your Own Payslip Tools

Integrate With Partners

StaffAny has integrated with partners such as Talenox and Payboy. We are open to working with other players and offer simple CSV exports for you to perform your own imports.

Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets
Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets

As we continually expand, we needed more visibility of the ground and better automation. Our favorite StaffAny feature is the ability to have more accountability in our outlets and automated timesheet consolidation


Karen, Head of Human Resource 
Ippudo Ramen Singapore

Timesheets System Singapore, Feature – Smart Timesheets

Convenient Timesheet Management on the Move

With StaffAny, manage your outlet’s timesheets remotely. View and resolve discrepancies on the go with a simple app download and just a few clicks.

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Using staff timesheet software can automate the process of employee scheduling, replacing traditional paper or Excel systems with a cloud-based rostering app like StaffAny. This enables quick and cost-effective scheduling via a user-friendly interface. StaffAny’s flexible shift scheduling app allows employers to view staff availabilities in one place, schedule in real-time, track performance and lateness, manage full-time and part-time staff, and perform many other useful functions.

StaffAny’s time and attendance system offers several key features, including online scheduling, breaks and overtime scheduling, employee availability tracking, late employee alerts, automated reminders, employee performance tracking, early clock-in and late clock-out prevention, leave applications, and multiple outlet scheduling.

Using staff timesheet software can save time and labor costs while making the scheduling process more efficient and cost-effective. StaffAny’s online timesheet app allows employers to easily view available staff, schedule them with a single click, and update weekly labor costs based on the schedule. This helps streamline project management within a single time tracking app.

To find the best staff timesheet software, you should look for one that can save time and labor costs. StaffAny’s employee timesheet software provides a flexible shift scheduling app that allows for easy scheduling via a desktop or mobile app. The software also offers a budgeting feature that provides better visibility of labor costs, ensuring that businesses operate efficiently and stay on track to meet their budget targets. Contact StaffAny’s product specialists to learn more about the best online scheduling system for your business.