The Product Management Intern

StaffAny’s mission is to shape and empower the future of work. As a Product Manager in StaffAny, you have the unique opportunity to be in the driving seat to shape and define the future of hourly work. There are a million potential opportunities and directions we can pursue to impact the future of hourly work, and you’ll get to work out what we are going to work on and why, and collaborate with the team to figure out how to get there. Additionally, as an early member of our growing team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape our research principles, process, and tools. If you are someone who believes in product-led growth and is able to continually drive business value to people around you, apply to join our rocketship.

You Are

  • Strong English communication skills (both written and spoken)
  • Good logical thinking

  • Good product design sense (UI/UX)

  • Strong opinions, weakly held (based on imperfect data, you can develop an initial hypothesis, but be willing to move and make thoughtful decisions based on more information)

  • Embrace a growth mindset

You Will Find Yourself

  • Researching and proposing potential product growth opportunities

  • Gathering, developing, and communicating ideas between customers, partners, and team members

  • Prioritizing product roadmap for a product functional area

  • Collaborating with Engineers to create feature specifications

  • Engaging with sales, marketing, customer success for product release

Potential Performance Indicators

  • Overall Results – Uplift in UX Metrics (eg. UMUX, HEART, SUS), maturity scores, and NPS. 

  • Overall Outputs – Formulate actionable insights based on research conducted

The Offer

  • You’ll have the opportunity to cross collaborate with multiple departments and learn how customer-centric tech products are being built

  • You will have the ear of everyone at the company, including up to the C-level

  • Conversion opportunities after 6 months window

  • Growth opportunities to move deeper into product management

  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment where you learn how to be comfortable-uncomfortable.