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Payroll Software

Complex Hours, Simplified Payroll

Payroll natively built on Scheduling and Time Attendance.
Designed for frontliners in F&B, Retail & Healthcare.
Never scramble to consolidate and calculate data for payroll runs again.

Payroll natively built on scheduling and timesheets

Ditch The Spreadsheets

Timesheet formulas that automatically calculate payroll

Consolidated timesheets from all your shift workers, feeding into powerful formulas that automatically churn out accurate payroll. No more errors, no more late nights.

Custom pay items tailored to your business

Forget the one-size-fits-all payroll nightmare.  PayrollAny’s customized formulas handle your unique pay structures with ease, whether it be overtime multipliers, attendance bonuses, meal allowances or other custom pay items.

Automatic timesheet calculation, saving you time and errors
Closing the loop from scheduling to payslips

Shift Perfect, Pay Perfect

Close the loop from scheduling, to timesheets, to payroll and payslips

Say goodbye to silos and manual data pulling! PayrollAny is built directly on top of scheduling and timesheet systems.

Effortlessly pull data from across your business, with shifts scheduled, timesheets tabulated and pay slips calculated in a seamless symphony.

Instant multi-entity payroll with bank file exports

Run instant payroll across all your entities simultaneously. One click is all it  takes to handle paydays for everyone from HQ to your all branches.

Export bank files to complete payment runs with your corporate bank accounts.

Too Fast, Too Compliant

Timesheet to payslip in 3 steps

No copy and pasting, no additional verification with staff, no data mismatches. Seamlessly move from punch-in to paycheck in minutes, not hours.

Built-in CPF calculator for every payrun

Effortless CPF compliance every time. Calculate accurately for every individual payslip to every months total. 

Integrate pay items into Xero quickly!

With just a few clicks, effortlessly transfer payroll data to Xero’s manual journals, saving time.

Fast and compliant payroll
Payroll natively built on scheduling and timesheets

Manage payroll seamlessly, eliminate manual work and calculation errors!

With PayrollAny, you have an all-in-one scheduling to payroll suite that simplifies management of all your shift workers. 

Managing payroll has never been easier.

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