Product Manager, Core

B2B SaaS is easy - understand your ICP and get PMF, then build PLG to increase TOFU and lower CAC

StaffAny’s mission is to shape and empower the future of hourly work. We provide our users with a remedy that streamlines and automates their painful Operations and HR processes. Our users rely on our superpowers to solve their frustrations, and we are here to empower them to make time for what they love.

About the Role

As a Product Manager of StaffAny, you have the unique opportunity to be on the driving seat to directly shape and define the future of hourly work. There are a million potential opportunities and directions we can pursue to impact the future of hourly work, and it’ll be up to you to work out what we are going to work on and why, and collaborate with your team to figure out how to get there.

For the Core specialization, you’ll be the go-to person for our bread and butter, the current StaffAny workforce management SaaS experience. You will lead the team that drives the future of this core workforce management experience, transforms our product from great to world-class, and maximizes the value our customers can extract from using our platform.

You will have a large scope, and will have one of the most cross-functional roles in the company. You will be responsible for reimagining a future that delights our current and future customers, enabling StaffAny to scale, and building lasting competitive advantages for our organization through defensible moats.

You will help build a lasting competitive advantage for our team through SaaS moats. You will work with the partnerships team to build a partnership ecosystem moat through supporting 3rd party system integrations. You will also partner with the data team to help customers unlock actionable insights from their data.

As a core product leader, you should additionally be able to work with the CPO to help optimize product management processes, and be able to foresee potential problems we might face in the product organization as we scale up.

As the company has a mandate in growing in the Malaysian and Indonesian markets, the ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia or Melayu, and experience launching SaaS products in those markets are strong plus points. We are open to candidates based in Singapore or Malaysia, or who are willing to relocate to Singapore (Malaysian based candidates do not need to relocate for this role)

You might be aspiring to eventually become a group product manager and lead multiple product lines as part of your career plans, and the breadth and depth of exposure you get with owning and managing a mature SaaS product line would put you in a good position to do so.

As a Product Manager, you are / have

  • Prior experience in product management
  • Strong english communication skills (both written and spoken)
  • A passion for design and usability
  • Strong opinions, weakly held (you can develop an initial hypothesis based on imperfect data, but be willing to move and make thoughtful decisions based on more information)
  • Highly independent and pragmatic, and have a strong bias for action
  • Embrace a growth mindset
  • Receptive to feedback or coaching, and can engage with stakeholders in two-way communication
  • Can trust and empower the team you are leading to deliver great products and achieve the team’s goals

As a Product Manager working on the Core Product, you are / have

  • Strong visioning skills, based on a mix of both intuition and data, and the ability to sell that vision to the team
  • Ability to stitch together features across multiple business domains into a single, seamless product
  • Demonstrated​ ​ability​ ​to​ ​prioritize​ based on business needs ​among​ ​competing​ ​opportunities​, ​and​ ​to​ ​articulate​ ​the rationale​ ​behind​ ​your​ ​decisions
  • A proven ability to collaborate with teams across across borders (our future predicted HQs include Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia)
  • Well versed in delivering constructive and effective feedback to your reports (if you have them) and your peers
  • Well versed in modern product discovery and delivery processes
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience, but we do consider exceptional candidates below that level of experience
  • Bonus if you have first hand experience of the problems involved in scaling up a complex B2B SaaS product, in the South East Asian region
  • Bonus if you have worked on other HR tech or workforce management software before

You Will Find Yourself

  • Collaborating with product and business leadership to flesh out the product vision and strategy, and develop a roadmap of product initiatives that drive product strategy, and reflect business priorities and cost
  • Process, review, and interpret large bodies of qualitative and quantitative data on customer usage patterns to uncover new product insights
  • Joining pre and post sales calls with customers, or user interviews to understand their needs and problems, effectively translate that into initiatives for your teams, and validate that your teams’ solutions solve a real problem for customers
  • Defining methods and metrics for identifying success and failure of our product and processes, while ensuring the team is clear on their objectives.
  • Creating and improving on the value customers can extract from our platform
  • Collaborating with various functions across the company
    • Partner closely with sales to extend our current product’s functionality and market into incremental and adjacent areas. 
    • Partner with marketing on product marketing to ensure that we are able to build awareness of our solution, and upsell power features. 
    • Partner with customer success to meet the needs of current customers to drive a world class NPS score, and optimize internal tooling and workflows. 
    • Work with engineering to prioritize critical scaling work to ensure that the product team maintains the ability to continuously ship new things, and to ensure that we meet the needs of our growing customer base. 
    • Partner with design to ensure a seamless end to end customer experience, and help manage our product debt. 
    • Collaborate with the growth and innovation product teams to support critical infrastructure needed for their goals, like core engines that support internationalization efforts
  • Leading a highly collaborative, cross-functional team with product designers and engineers to ensure that we not only build the right products, but also build our products right
  • Working with the CPO to drive alignment of product strategy with other product teams (growth and innovation)
  • Mentoring other junior product managers to ensure they can punch above their weight and build great product
  • This role reports directly to the CPO

You are not (solely) responsible for:

  • A team of engineers: you will take the lead in decisions about the product, but not manage the people implementing it
  • Capacity planning: you will define priorities, but the Engineering Manager evaluates the amount of work possible
  • Shipping in time: you will work in a cross functional team of designers and engineers, but the group is responsible for shipping on time, it’s not solely on you!

Potential Performance Indicators

  • NPS of target customers
  • UMUX of core modules
  • Value customers achieved (cost / time saved, errors / fraud reduced)
  • Number of modules used per customer (depth of adoption)

The Offer

  • The opportunity to be at the front seat driving StaffAny’s core product line
  • If you do well, the opportunity to eventually scale up as a Group Product Manager
  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment that always stretches you and forces you to be slightly uncomfortable
  • Work with talented, intense, and motivated colleagues in a dynamic and vibrant environment