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Free Singapore Payslip Template with MOM OT, CPF & SDL Calculation

With basic employee information, salary data & hours worked, generate payslips for your part-time staff and email it to them directly!

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With StaffAny’s free payslip generator, you can settle your monthly payslips easily. Bookmark this page so you can return to it when payroll season comes!

Our Singapore payslip template contains a CPF contribution calculator, automated MOM OT Calculation and SDL calculator. Suitable for large & small businesses dealing with part timers/ casual labour paid by the hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use this payslip generator?

StaffAny’s payslip generator is tailored specifically towards HR managers or business owners in Singapore who manage employees’ monthly payslips.

How does this payslip generator work?

Once you key in the required line items for your staff, we will help to calculate the necessary figures with our SDL Calculator, MOM OT Calculation and CPF Contribution Calculator. Individual payslips will be generated and you can bulk email/mass-send them out to all your staff.

What is SDL and is it compulsory?

SDL refers to “Skills Development Levy”, administrated by the SkillsFuture Singapore Agency (SSG). This comes on top of usual CPF contribution and Foreign Worker Levy. The SDL is channeled to the Skills Development Fund (SDR) to support workforce upskilling and upgrading programs.

SDL is a compulsory levy all employers have to pay for employees who work in Singapore, including: (1) employees employed on permanent, part-time, casual and temporary basis and (2) foreign employees on work permits and employment pass holders.

Please refer to for more information on SDL, including SDL calculation.

What are SHG funds and is it compulsory?

The Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are set up to help lower-income households in the Chinese, Eurasian, Muslim and Indian communities. While employers are expected to deduct SHD contributions from their employees’ wages, employees can contact their respective SHGs for more information if they do not wish to contribute.

Please refer to for more information on SHG.

What is CPF and is it compulsory?

CPF refers to “Central Provident Fund” and is a compulsory social security savings scheme in Singapore that is funded by contributions from both employers and employees.

All employers in Singapore must pay CPF contributions for employees who are Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents (SPRs). Contributions must be received by employees by 14th of the following month, or employers may be liable to penalties.

Which CPF contribution rate does this generator use?

There are 3 types of Singapore PRs employer & employee contribution rates: (1) Graduated, (2) Full EE and (3) Full EE/ER.

This generator utilises the first: Graduated Employer and Graduated Employee Rates.

Graduated contribution rates are also the most common option. Full EE and Full EE/ER require companies to inform CPF board for approval, which are generally a handful in Singapore.

For more information on contribution rates, please refer to