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Automate employee schedules, time clocks, timesheets, track attendance, run payroll and engage employees, all in one app, so you can run and grow your business.

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Hire, Schedule, Track, and Report

Tools for productivity & labor cost efficiency. With just the click of a button, save hours spent on employee scheduling with StaffAny - a staff rostering software. This online rostering tool is used by both large and small businesses. Manage your team's schedules, time tracking and timesheets all in one place. We will provide you with the best all-in features HR software and employee data to help your human resource management system.

Why rosters using excel spreadsheets, when you can save time and money with a rostering app that does more than just organize shifts? Want to find out more about what you'll get from our employee scheduling software? Read on!

“It has since transformed and improved the way we work”

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Casey, HR Manager


Connecting Operations and HR Seamlessly

What you plan for will frequently change based on what happens on the ground. StaffAny synchronises all changes and keeps HR updated in real time by using the cloud based HR software technology. Step up your company with our comprehensive HR software and make your team into the HR professionals in the field.


Keep Your Team Satisfied and Engaged

Regular employee assessments help build trust and boost satisfaction, and the data gathered can inform payroll and other HR processes. StaffAny HR management software is your all-in-one solution for workforce management, making HR tasks easier and more efficient.


Delightful, Automated Experience

No one likes dealing with spreadsheets after a long, hard shift. StaffAny does the heavy lifting by highlighting the things that require attention. The HR managers or entire HR department will appreciate the HR solution you provide. #ManageHRMatters

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We know you care more than just sales and revenue

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Save Up To $1,500 On Labour Costs

Our rostering schedule tool allows you to better forecast labour cost for the week. Smart overtime rules allow you to optimise your labour spend, and our timeclock sidekick prevents time theft that is chipping away your hard earned profits.

“Last time, I used to spend 1.5 – 3h to edit the timesheets for 20 to 30 staff at the end of every week. With StaffAny, I just need to do a quick 5min check everyday to save myself the hassle!”

– Wei Da, Manager


Run Your Business From Anywhere

Real time updates on staff availability, what’s happening in your outlets, and instant actions you can take to manage your business anywhere around the globe with this rostering software. Get last minute staff or adjust for lull periods and have more nimble control whilst making time for your loved ones during vacations.

“I normally use StaffAny on the go. I was able to shift my staff from one outlet when a staff member was sick when I was on vacation.”

– Wei Jie, Founder and Director

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Better Performance

Empower your employees to reach their full potential with the best employee roster apps from StaffAny. The software helps you motivate and incentivize your employees, enabling them to contribute to the growth of your business.

“Increase staff performances without the need to threaten them with fines. Let us help you remind and incentivise your team to perform better so they can help you grow your business better.”

– Allan, Manager

Jibiru Bar


StaffAny's Features

With StaffAny’s roster planning software, you’ll never have to worry about shift scheduling errors, computation errors and unsynchronized timesheets. We constantly listen to the requests of every user and bring you regular updates.

To make it even more efficient, employees have access to the roster app on their mobile smartphone. They also instantly get messages and notifications about changes in the roster on their devices anytime, anywhere.

Your business can do so much more when you operate at your highest optimal productivity. With resources and tools like StaffAny’s rostering system, you get there much faster.

Explore our features and be amazed by the benefits it has brought to our customers.

Live At Your Favourite

Restaurants and Retailers

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StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Question

StaffAny is a comprehensive workforce management solution that includes employee scheduling tools, rostering software, time tracking software, and more. It can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, that need to manage employee schedules, track attendance, and streamline workforce management processes. Whether you need to create schedules, track upcoming shifts, manage employee availability, or swap shifts, StaffAny can help you efficiently manage your workforce.

Employee rostering software or employee scheduling software, such as StaffAny, can greatly benefit your business in several ways. These tools allow you to create employee rosters, schedule shifts, and track attendance with ease. Additionally, they enable you to optimise labour costs, improve payroll management, and enhance communication. By using these HR and reporting tools, your business can achieve better workforce management, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

StaffAny offers a wide range of features to help businesses manage their workforce effectively. Some of the key features include employee scheduling solutions, drag-and-drop rostering, time tracking, employee availability management, and the ability to create schedules efficiently. It also provides team communication tools and integrates with accounting software for payroll management. With StaffAny, you can gain better control over your employee schedules and labour costs.

Yes, StaffAny can be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. You can tailor the software to your industry, workforce size, and unique requirements. Whether you need to adjust scheduling templates or arrange shift swaps, StaffAny offers customisation options to ensure the software aligns with your business processes and objectives.

StaffAny includes robust payroll management features that help streamline the process of calculating and disbursing employee wages. It tracks hours worked, overtime, and any additional pay components, ensuring accurate payroll calculations. Moreover, the software provides insights into labour costs, allowing businesses to budget more effectively and make informed decisions regarding staffing levels.

StaffAny streamlines the payroll process by automating time tracking and payroll calculations. It ensures accuracy in calculating wages, including overtime and additional pay components. Additionally, the rostering process is made more efficient with the user-friendly interface, which allows for complex scheduling and easy arrangement of team schedules. This automation scheduling feature reduces the need for manual scheduling, saving time and reducing the potential for errors in the process.

StaffAny provides a convenient way to identify and assign available shifts to employees. The platform’s intuitive user interface allows you to view open shifts at a glance and quickly assign them to qualified staff members. This feature simplifies the process of filling scheduling gaps and ensures that all available shifts are efficiently assigned to the right employees, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring adequate coverage.

Yes, StaffAny offers the convenience of an employee scheduling app, making it accessible from both desktop computers and mobile devices. With the mobile app, you can view and manage schedules, check employee availability, and even make adjustments on the go. This flexibility ensures that you stay connected with your workforce and stay on top of scheduling tasks, no matter where you are.

The Ultimate Solution for F&B

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Reduce scheduling error

Enjoy a bird's-eye view of your staff's schedules and let our system highlight any overlapping shifts.

Eliminate time theft

Our technology offers various secure clock-in methods to suit your needs, ensuring accurate time and attendance data.

Better visibility of labour costs

We keeps you updated on labor costs based on your schedule so you can stay on top of your financial goals.

Automated timesheet consolidation

Overtime calculations, work performance, and anomalies are automatically flagged for your review, making the process easier than ever.

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Why rosters using excel spreadsheets, when you can save time and money with an app that does more than just organize shifts? Want to find out more about what you'll get?

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Streamline your F&B business operations and boost employee performance today!
StaffAny’s HR software provides a comprehensive solution to managing human resources for businesses across multiple industries. Its suite of features includes time tracking, leave request management, and an overtime calculator, which can help streamline human capital management and improve employee engagement. The software is particularly suitable for F&B businesses and those managing multiple workers, such as in the construction industry, agencies, and laborers.
By utilizing reporting and HR tools such as StaffAny, businesses can experience a substantial increase in productivity. With these tools, HR processes can be streamlined, and training can be tailored to better meet the needs of employees. Additionally, data-driven insights can help inform management decisions, leading to improved overall performance.
StaffAny’s HR software provides a range of features, including time tracking, leave management, an overtime calculator, and more. These tools are designed to help businesses manage their workforce efficiently, even across multiple locations, and can be accessed from any device, including mobile.
Certainly! StaffAny HR software is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to the specific needs of your business. This will help ensure that the software is meeting your specific requirements and providing you with the tools necessary to manage your workforce effectively,