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Improved Communication between HR and Operations with StaffAny. Our attendance tools provide more than just information; they deliver accurate attendance tracking data to HR in real-time, resolving issues related to poor communication.

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Track Attendance Easily & Accurately

Latest Cloud Technology

Effortless Time and Attendance with StaffAny’s Cloud Clock-In Technology. With StaffAny, time tracking is done through staff’s mobile devices, eliminating the need for expensive hardware. Accurately track employee hours with ease.

Secure Clock-In

Flexible and Secure Time Tracking with StaffAny. Our advanced technology offers various secure clock-in methods to suit your specific needs, ensuring accurate and reliable time and attendance data.

Time Attendance Software App
Track Employees Attendance & Working Hours

Eliminate Time Theft and Control Costs

Stay on Track with Accurate Hours and Costs

StaffAny’s advanced time attendance system accurately tracks only the hours worked. With features such as smart matching, facial recognition, automatic clock-out, and unauthorized clock-in prevention, you can ensure compliance and efficiency.

We prevent staff from clocking in early and clocking out late to claim overtime, helping you control labor costs

Flexible Clock-In at Multiple Locations

Seamlessly Track Time Across Multiple Sites

With StaffAny, you can clock-in at different locations and have your work hours neatly categorized, making transitions between locations a breeze. Consolidating hours for employees who work at multiple locations can be a challenge, but StaffAny simplifies this process, saving you time and hassle.

Multiple Outlets Clock-in Time Attendance System - Staffany
StaffAny Audit Trail on Time Attendance System

Maintain Accurate Records with Time Traceability

Essential for HR and Compliance

At StaffAny, we believe in transparency and accountability. Our system maintains an audit trail of all edits, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what took place at any given point in time.

Time Attendance System, Feature – Onsite Timeclock

We use StaffAny because it gives us a better overview of what’s going on, in real time! This allows us to better plan and adjust multibranch operations seamlessly.

Time Attendance System, Feature – Onsite Timeclock

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Time Attendance System Singapore App

Monitor Time and Attendance from Anywhere, Anytime

Stay in control with employees schedules with StaffAny’s time attendance systems. Track actual hours worked, monitor tardiness, and access critical information on the go.

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

A time and attendance system is an electronic way to record employee work hours for the purpose of calculating payroll. It eliminates manual tracking methods like spreadsheets and paper timesheets, which can lead to errors. StaffAny’s time and attendance system features cloud technology, secure time tracking methods, leave applications, audit trails, real-time reports, and smart timesheets.

An employee time clock is a system that records employees’ start and end times. This can be done through different methods, such as punch card clocks, digital clocks, time station software, and biometric time clocks. With StaffAny’s web-based time clock, accurate recording of employee hours and attendance is made easy, which helps simplify payroll calculation.

A time and attendance system can benefit your business in numerous ways, such as automating payroll calculations, controlling costs, consolidating multiple outlets, providing transparency of timesheets, and reducing discrepancies in hours. StaffAny provides restaurant and retail attendance management systems that are customizable to meet your specific needs.

When selecting a time attendance system, it’s important to choose one that can accurately capture time records, provide precise data, and assist with timesheet calculations. With StaffAny’s time and attendance management system, you can prevent losing over $90,000 a year due to time theft and avoid the issues caused by unclear or missing records.

To find the best time and attendance software, you should look for one that can accurately capture time records, provide precise data, and automate timesheet calculations. StaffAny’s time and attendance system offers a variety of features, including secure time tracking, automatic clock-out, multiple outlet time and attendance tracking, audit trails, and real-time reports, making it an excellent choice for businesses.