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Our Partners


is a cloud-based HR software designed to manage payroll and leave, and store precious employee details from a central location. Based in Singapore, Talenox has been nominated Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia and is partners with Asia’s leading banks.


is a corporate credit card for startups & SMEs with higher limits, instant approvals and no personal guarantee. Get access of up to $150,000, interest-free in your Spenmo wallet today.


is an invoice management and food cost intelligence platform built to help restaurateurs run their businesses easily. We digitize invoices by line-item, provide this data in real-time, inform when there's a price increase and consolidate the information in a concise dashboard and reports that are easy to view, analyze, and share.


is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our focus is Asia-centric with a global outlook. We help international clients weave through Asia’s social and marketing networks, specializing in cutting edge online marketing technology and digital marketing consulting services. Asian Markets, Global Outlook.


provides CLOUD Accounting Services that enable clients to real time  access of financial information by leveraging on our reputable Cloud Software partners that integrate one another - Xero, Talenox, etc, covering areas of Sales Channel, Accounting, Payroll, Inventory and softcopy document management.


More than background music, scent fragrance, smart digital signage, in-store radio advertising and HR solutions. Specializing in Asian consumer psychology and in-store operations dynamics, USEA provides services to >750k outlets. A convenient solution provider to clients in on-site installation of sound speakers and cabling services are part of the all-rounder approach.


combines a multi-perspective approach to meet your accounting needs, so you can get a full suite of accounting services that fit your SME budget. Comprehensive accounting services that match the big brands but stay SME friendly: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Corporate secretariat, Taxation & Audit

The FinLab

accelerates the growth of Tech startups and the business transformation of SMEs in Singapore. Through our mentor networks, expertise and experience in business model innovation, solutions implementation and business expansion, we provide companies valuable insights and connections into the ASEAN region so they can scale and grow their businesses more effectively.


Founded in 2013, W.L.P Group is a Singapore leading business solutions organization and partner-of-choice for local conglomerates and multinational corporations within the Asia Pacific region.


ArcLab's Nano Learning SaaS Platform helps your organisation improve employee job performance through ON-DEMAND, BITE-SIZED, MOBILE training & performance support.

ArcLab is a team of educators, designers and technologists who are working to Upskill the World's Deskless Workforce through building the World's Simplest Learning System


Founded in April 2016, Payboy is the leading HR management software suite for Singapore. Payboy assists companies in being super efficient in their routine HR communications.

Our clients include SMEs, local start-ups, and enterprises. Our clients know they can rely on us for their HR needs because we understand their pain.


Melioris is the leading Business Process Services Provider in Asia and has been helping customers in Asia manage and capitalise on changes through:

- Adoption of innovative approaches and solutions - Integrating People, Process and Technology - Harnessing data driven Digital Strategy - Supporting through our regional presence - Facilitating change management and learning journey

Reach POS Asia

REACH POS ASIA, well established in 2018, is an emerging strong portfolio from parent company. With such a short history , we have brought our line of business aboard such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia & targeting to settle down in Taiwan, New-Zealand & Thailand. REACH TECH being the parent company since 2003 had been directing strong growth of its subsidiary in all aspects, such as: software developing / programming / coding / logistics & fundamental growth in business prospect.


Lark is the next-generation collaboration suite that enables teams to do their best work together. The suite primarily consists of Lark Mail, Lark Messenger, Lark Docs, Lark Calendar, Lark Video Conferencing, as well as Lark Workplace which integrates third-party applications.

All functionalities are deeply integrated into a single app, which is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Serving clients from across the globe, Lark is headquartered in Singapore.


A Singapore based Point-of-Sale (POS) start-up established in 2013, Weebo is now reigned by a young team with the vision of servicing SMEs and SPs as a truly enterprising POS provider. Our cloud-based POS solution allows business owners to view live sales report with real time data captured. A good POS system doesn't just capture sales records, it helps business owners understand their consumers and business patterns to make smarter decisions. With Weebo's consumer centric software and products, we aim to help businesses achieve growth.


Selection & certification platform for the new talent ecosystem for employers and education providers. Ready to use & custom build.

Our mission is to make recruitment fast, fun & engaging for everyone, by transforming the way companies get to know candidates & the way candidates get to know about the places at which they hope to work. We put video-selfies at the core of the experience. Why? It’s for humans. Plus they’re rich in data.


Whether you are looking for a job-board or a recruitment service, JobShine provides you with the right solution to hire your Non-PMET (blue-collar) workforce effortlessly, conveniently and promptly. JobShine reaches out to active job seekers in the region by leveraging technology and harnessing the power of social media channels. Their specially built algorithm is designed to solve the unforeseen manpower shortage.

Level Five Solutions

Innovate your F&B and Retail business by using a unified platform to manage your daily operations, from customer ordering to inventory management. DinePlan and RetailPlan provide central management of your restaurant and retail store, as well as detailed monitoring and management of sales, production, and service points. This is made possible because of the flexibility in the configuration of our system and ease of use for operations!


HReasily is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR solution that enables business owners to automate workflow processes and increase your business’ productivity.

They are a regional presence and can be found in 7 South East Asian countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Cambodia. HReasily is localized to cater to each countries regulations and requirements.

Waffle Technologies

Waffle is more than just a point-of-sale (POS) system. We come with a fully integrated loyalty program that helps clients boost sales and engage with their customers meaningfully. With Waffle, clients can expect to provide the best customer experience using our simple and seamless interface that is optimized for speed.

Quote "STAFFANY30" to get 30% off annual subscription with Waffle. Discount applies for as long as you're using Waffle.


Singroll is a free to use payroll software for the Singapore business community, created by SME owners for SME owners.

It empowers companies to ensure that their businesses are managed in accordance to various government agencies' regulation as well as access to a fully functional free localized payroll system to manage employees.


BIPO is a leading one-stop human resources provider in Asia Pacific, focused on providing organisations with innovative ways to manage complex end-to-end HR processes.

Through their cloud and mobile-based Human Resources Management system as well as industry-leading solutions, they help companies transform their HR operations to and beyond their expectations, while achieving business goals related to cost and profitability.


BrioHR enables businesses to truly focus on what matters most – people. Their comprehensive, cloud-based solution covers every HR process from payroll, recruitment, leave tracking, and everything in between.

Their goal is to transform the workplace experiences of people across the globe through our intuitive, affordable, and easy to implement, use & scale HR software.


Wherever work takes you, Swingvy Mobile provides powerful HR tools with easy access to stay connected with your team.

With the app, you can:
- Call, text, or email colleagues within a tap from the directory, and locate your office from your device maps
- Keep up-to-date on organisation-wide news and announcements
- View your notifications and take immediate action on tasks requiring your attention


Novitee is not just a POS provider, they are your partner to grow with your F&B business.

If you are looking for a POS solution, there are many options out there.

But if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business through technology, they are the right fit for you.


With a proven track record of success, Whyze Solutions is a HR & Payroll solution provider based in Singapore since 2008. To date, they are supporting over 2000 companies in Singapore from various industries ranging from new startups, local SMEs, non profit organizations to MNCs.

They have since received many awards for their excellent solutions and has consistently achieved extremely high customer satisfaction rating.
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