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Foreword Coffee

Foreword, a Singaporean-born specialty coffee company, started with the belief in the potential of differently-abled people. As their headcount increased, it became increasingly time-consuming to manage the staffing of their kiosks.

Find out how StaffAny helped streamline scheduling across all their outlets, and provides their staff with an easy way to communicate with each other.
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Bober Tea

Bober Tea is a local homegrown bubble tea brand that serves artisan tea. Since its establishment in 2017, Bober Tea is rapidly expanding and they needed a better way to manage shift workers easily across multiple outlets.

Read on to find out how we helped them reduce hours spent on scheduling.
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Suwe Ora Jamu

Founded in 2013 in South Jakarta, Suwe Ora Jamu started as a simple shop to serve the needs of those who want to enjoy delicious and healthy jamu (Javanese for medicines made from original plant ingredients from nature that do not use chemicals as additives), coffee, or home-made traditional snacks.

As he expands operations through Indonesia, Founder, Moehamad Sesulih Basari lets us in on the benefits of using StaffAny.
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Ya Kun

Ya Kun began as a humble coffee stall in the 1940s. With more than 71 outlets islandwide, it is a well-known local heritage brand in Singapore, with a global presence.

To many of us, the Kaya Butter Toast set is synonymous with Ya Kun. With StaffAny, their overall efficiency improved and reliance on manual processes reduced. Find out how.
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The Kongsee

The Kongsee is a cutting-edge restaurant concept that blends Asian and local flavors in a unique and exciting way. Newly-launched, they faced a challenge in managing their staff.

They no longer have to rely on Excel sheets to keep track of employee schedules, performance, and attendance. Find out how StaffAny streamlines staff management and simplifies the tracking of leaves, payroll, and overtime.
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Keisuke Singapore is a Japanese-owned restaurant chain with multiple locations in Singapore. As they grow, Keisuke looked to how they can effectively manage their employees across multiple outlets.

Here’s how StaffAny helped them to reduce manpower costs and streamline their operational efforts.
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Kiosk Collective

Kiosks Collective is a Singapore-grown food and beverage kiosk operator founded in 2012. The group has rolled out various innovative concepts for kiosks to date, including Pezzo and Crave, with over 60 outlets islandwide.

Find out how this beloved F&B umbrella brand in Singapore saves over $2,000 monthly (or $24,000 per annum) with StaffAny.
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Dimbulah Coffee

Dimbulah coffee is a ‘plantation to cup’ concept boutique coffee chain in Singapore.

With 13 outlets located across the Central Business District in Singapore, Dimbulah Coffee has created a strong brand presence across the island.

Find out how Dimbulah supercharged operational efficiencies and also saw a 30-40% decrease in punctuality issues.

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Mission Juice

Mission Juice Co is a local homegrown juicery located in the heart of the CBD, founded on the premise of bringing freshly pressed premium juices to everyone.

Find out how Joel, founder of Mission Juice, freed up time for his business.
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The Cat Cafe

Founded in 2014, The Cat Cafe is home to furry felines who were once abandoned by their owners or were strays. Inspired by other cat cafes overseas, it was founded to share the joy of two loves – felines and food!

Find out how the owner reduces time to schedule to a minimum and expand his cat cafe.
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The Royals Bistro

The Royals Bistro is a Halal certified restaurant located in the prime spot on the NUS University Town campus, and a popular choice amongst students for affordable and satisfying food.

When punch cards left the team frustrated, they made a change to StaffAny and never looked back!
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Phoon Huat

A household name, Phoon Huat Pte Ltd, founded in 1947, is one of Singapore’s leading food suppliers.

Specialising in manufacturing and supply of quality baking ingredients, tools and services for food services, consumer retail, artisan, and industrial bakeries.

A brand rich in tradition can be a tech-savvy one too! Read on for Phoon Huat’s 2020 digitalisation.
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Tee Tree Cafe

Tea Tree Cafe was established in 2009 as a master franchise in the tea business. In 2014, Tea Tree Cafe underwent rebranding by changing their name to give it a Singaporean identity.

With more than 10 outlets across Singapore, how did a change in internal systems lead to cost reductions for this multi-outlet brand?
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