Work and OT hours,

Save hours scheduling, control your labour costs and manage attendance records.

Our Customers

Live at our favourite brick and mortar shops

Our Customers

Live at our favourite brick and mortar shops

Mobile First

Scheduling on the go.
Don’t waste your free time scheduling at home after a long day at work. 
Schedule whenever you want, anytime, anywhere.

Clock In and
Out of Work

Get up-to-the-minute updates, see who has clocked in and increase accountability.


Integration of Everything

Both web and app platforms to help you integrate your scheduling, clock in/out and timesheet hours automation.

Hassle Free Scheduling

With StaffAny, you can simply create and publish your schedule and get availabilities, anytime, on the go.

Timesheets Simplified

Easily track employee hours for greater business oversight and payroll accuracy, to increase accountability.

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Employee Accountability

Alerts and reminders to notify your staff about their shift details so that you can be sure of their attendance.

Most importantly, the app will be able to help deploy manpower & save costing for the managers.

Mr Haizan,
Manager of a Thai Restaurant in Simei

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