The Benefits of Using Online Payroll Software

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Many businesses have a mix of full time workers and shift workers with pay rates differing between hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates. When it comes to pay day, this can cause headaches for those needing to process payroll. 

Why is paying shift workers so complicated?

Working out wages for shift workers can get complicated. Along with base pay at varying rates for workers (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly), employers need to factor in shift allowances, bonuses, additional pay items, and often overtime when running payroll.

On top of this, statutory payments must be made according to some payroll items. When it comes to payday, this can cause quite a headache for employers!

How can StaffAny help?

StaffAny have integrated with Swingvy Payroll to take the pain out of payday! 

It takes on average just 10 minutes to run payroll with Swingvy’s online payroll software. Swingvy is integrated with all major Singapore and Malaysia banks and compliant with relevant statutory boards (IRAS, CPF, MOM, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB), saving a lot of time and worry for small business owners and HR administrators.

By removing dreaded spreadsheets and locally hosted files and keeping all payroll information in a secure online system also makes recall of past payroll data simple and ensures security of confidential information. With a detailed payroll overview in the first step of payroll processing, users can edit and update payroll calculations on the spot by expanding individual employee payroll lines to edit pay details directly. 

Benefits of Using Online Payroll Software for Businesses with Shift Workers

, The Benefits of Using Online Payroll Software
  • Run Payroll Whenever You Need

The ability to run multiple pay runs within a month is a real life saver for employees with workers on mixed schedules, or a mix of both full time and shift staff. 

Swingvy allows users to run multiple ad hoc payrolls for any time periods within a month, on top of monthly or any mid-month payroll. Ad hoc pay runs are completely editable, including the employee’s basic salary, additions and deductions.

As well as making payment to shift workers easy, ad hoc payrolls makes it easy to remain compliant with Singapore legislation requiring a full-time employee to be paid within seven days of leaving the company.

  • Auto-Calculate Statutory Payments

The amount of statutory contributions and payments will be automatically calculated in each ad hoc payroll, based on the amount being paid out. All paid contributions from ad hoc pay runs will be consolidated into the monthly payroll, so the full monthly contributions are recalculated and adjusted based on total pay. This ensures you’ll never overpay on statutory requirements, and once the salary cap for contributions is met, no further deductions will happen in payroll run in that month. 

, The Benefits of Using Online Payroll Software
  • Automated ePayslips

E-Payslips are autogenerated and can be viewed and downloaded within the online platform. Payday notifications are also sent via email to employees to connect them to their payslips. 

How does the StaffAny + Swingvy Integration work?

The integration is simple. Users of the two systems can connect them via an API token (provided) to be able to pull the clock-in and clock-out data from the StaffAny scheduling and time tracking system into Swingvy Payroll.

Individual employees’ pay hours from StaffAny’s timesheets are pulled into Swingvy Payroll for the time period selected. This allows shift workers tracked in StaffAny and full time workers to be paid at the same time. 

As the systems are connected, any new staff can also be onboarded into the Swingvy system, then have their details pushed to StaffAny, saving HR administrators time in the onboarding process. 

, The Benefits of Using Online Payroll Software


For a limited time, Swingvy and StaffAny are offering the two platforms for just S$8.50/RM10 per employee, per month. Get access to StaffAny’s scheduling and time tracking system and Swingvy Payroll to streamline management of your shift workers. 

, The Benefits of Using Online Payroll Software

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