Stay on top of Covid-regulations with StaffAny’s power-ups! 

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It seems like new measures are coming up every few months, which only forces businesses to scramble to adapt. We seem just slightly closer to the era of travelling again! Till then, let’s help you get up to speed with the latest Covid-19 requirements, so you can do business safely 🙂 

Let’s get started!

, Stay on top of Covid-regulations with StaffAny’s power-ups! 

[New] Staff Tags for Vaccination Status 

Although vaccination is strongly encouraged in Singapore, it is not compulsory. Not forgetting some unfortunate friends who wish to get vaccinated but cannot because of allergies.. it is not uncommon to be managing teams with unvaccinated staff!

The time-consuming aspect can come in when grouping employees for all sorts of purposes, be it basic shift work, work events or even social work gatherings (especially so for those involving mask-off activities). 

By keeping aware of your employees’ vaccination status, you can make plans with the safety consideration of your staff whether vaccinated & unvaccinated, and for the greater public.

With StaffAny’s latest Staff Tags, you can easily tag a staff as “vaccinated” or “un-vaccinated”. These tags can also be conveniently seen on the scheduling page, to help you make better decisions, such as avoiding allocating unvaccinated employees at places of higher risk.

Visibility helps put your heart and mind at ease 🙂 

, Stay on top of Covid-regulations with StaffAny’s power-ups! 

[New] COVID-19 Testing Reminder 

After vaccination, next comes testing. Wide-spread testing seems like it is here to stay, and for businesses, it is likely to become part and parcel of daily routines. 

In alignment with the Singapore government’s efforts to further curb the spread of COVID19, new regulations will be implemented after 1 October 2021. All staff will be required to undergo Vaccinate or Regular Test (VoRT) regime where vaccinated and unvaccinated staff will have their Fast and Easy Testing once every 2 weeks and twice every week respectively. (Read more from STB here). 

If you’re handling a decently sized team, we know the dates can get pretty confusing. 

The last thing you’d want is to get a mix-up from all the dates. So, what better way than to let us remember it for you? 

StaffAny’s latest COVID19 Testing Reminders can help you set recurring reminders based on your FET testing regime to alert all staff to conduct their tests. Keep on track with your tests and stay accountable 🙂 

, Stay on top of Covid-regulations with StaffAny’s power-ups! 

Did any of these power-ups leave you going, “omg.. YES please!“?
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On top of these, we also rolled out 2 features several months back when SafeEntry was first introduced and being enforced: TraceTogether Integration (MySejahtera for our Malaysian buddies) and a Pre-Work Questionnaire.

TraceTogether & MySejahtera Integration 

When Singapore first launched SafeEntry, businesses were working hard to adapt to the thousand-and-one changes. At the same time, finding themselves having to constantly remind their staff to clock-in on SafeEntry. 

That’s when we launched the SafeEntry integration (now updated to the Tracetogether integration) to support businesses in encouraging such employee behaviour. 

P.S. Inspired by our dear customer Kevin at Good Luck Beerhouse!

“We found the multiple log-ins – first for SafeEntry and then for our own clock-in system with StaffAny – were a hassle. So, I pestered StaffAny to introduce a feature in their enterprise solution that would integrate with SafeEntry and save us time. And we’re certainly happy that they did! 

This integration has saved us a lot of time, which we have spent focusing on developing new initiatives to engage better with our customers. Businesses like ours want to stay open to provide an essential service. At the same time, we want to comply with various safety measures to keep our staff, customers and Singapore safe. StaffAny has been great in helping us to do both.” – Kevin, Owner, Good Luck Beerhouse

This year, we’ve also rolled it out to Malaysian users with the MySejahtera integration. To date, these have already been set up at over 800 locations in both Singapore and Malaysia.

, Stay on top of Covid-regulations with StaffAny’s power-ups! 

Whenever a staff clocks in or out on StaffAny, they will be instantly redirected to TraceTogether or MySejahtera to check-in or out. 

Finally, enjoy a peace of mind on your staff’s contact tracing check-ins 🙂 No longer worry if they might have forgotten to check-in, or nag them to check-in everyday. 

Pre-Work Questionnaire 

Lastly, businesses can finally collect data relevant to safe management in a convenient and structured manner. Yes, no more pen and paper! (ahem, schedules and timesheets). 

These default questions help to gather information about your staff’s well-being before, during, and after their shift, including: 

  • Clock-In and Clock-Out Temperature
  • Have you traveled outside Singapore within the last 14 days?
  • Do you have flu-like symptoms (E.g fever/cough/runny nose/sore throat or loss of taste/smell etc)?
  • Did you (in the past 14 days) come in close contact with someone who (i) is a confirmed COVID-19 case; OR (ii) is part of a COVID-19 cluster?

Easily export these records and keep a record for Safe Management purposes. 

The New Normal is here to stay

Are you an optimist, who thought Covid would blow over by the end of 2021?

, Stay on top of Covid-regulations with StaffAny’s power-ups! 

Credits: Meme Monkey

It’s been almost 2 years and this new normal of mask-up, testing and small group gatherings… looks like it’s here to stay for at least a liitle bit longer. (I’m an optimist too, you see!)

While you continuously, tirelessly (or tiredly) adapt, StaffAny is here to help make it easier for you, your managers and your staff. If these describe you:

  1. in the hourly work industry such as F&B, Retail, Logistics and Healthcare
  2. looking for a more hands-off way to manage scheduling and time & attendance
  3. Wanting to manage all these covid measures more easily
  4. Bonus: trying to reduce your labour costs

We’d likely be a good fit. 🙂 

Hit us up and let’s have a (virtual) chat! 

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