Takeaways from our community event with F&B leaders!

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StaffAny and Odyssey recently held an oversubscribed community event last Thursday, where F&B leaders came together to discuss problems faced in the industry and share unique solutions for these problems. It’s safe to say that we’ve learnt a lot from each other! 


, Takeaways from our community event with F&B leaders!


Here are a few takeaways from the event:


1. Staff retention and engagement 


The power of recognition is important to retain staff. By establishing a culture that constantly reinforces recognising efforts, it creates a positive environment where employees encourage each other and feel comfortable.


To bring in great team members, referral programmes can help bring good staff for the long term! However, it is important to also establish the ground rules and terms & conditions, such as the type of staff, whether full time or part time, who are eligible for the programme.


Turnover rate is an important metric for companies who put people first, and some of the leaders have shared their numbers regarding amount of turnovers within their companies. If you’d like to know the numbers… you have to be there in person 😉 if you’ve missed our event this time, don’t worry! Let us know that you’re interested in our future events, and we’ll update you when the next one is!


, Takeaways from our community event with F&B leaders!

 2. The work of HR leaders


The work of HR leaders sometimes also include labour cost, as this can give them a better insight on cost spent on manpower. One way to reduce labour cost is to hire competent staff who can complete tasks and take up the role of more than one person, and make use of PWM to reward them accordingly. This way, establishments can save the time and money spent on hiring, training and scheduling a new staff member, and instead rely on someone trustworthy and efficient. Want to know how much part time labour costs take up in terms of labour cost? Guess you’ll have to come to our next community event 😉


With the topic of PWM coming up, it is important for restaurants to be able to run payrolls efficiently as well. However, due to the complexities and varieties in F&B payouts, payroll can be a major pain as there are no spreadsheets able to accommodate their needs when running payrolls. Therefore, it has been a massive pain point in HR most of the time.


HRs have also pointed out that although investments in systems can be made to be more efficient and save time, it can backfire if there are too many systems to juggle between. Investing in sufficient systems to streamline processes is a better option instead.


3. The challenges of being a HR leader


HR is crucial in the company, but it is such a sensitive and difficult role to play as it is the connecting bridge between many different management systems. On top of that, they are sandwiched between staff and management. Hence, HR leaders must have empathy, as well as a crucial understanding of everyone’s roles, to be able to balance the different needs from different roles. A good HR leader is able to see the bigger picture of the problem, and piece together individual issues to solve them as a whole. That is when HR truly becomes the bridge that brings everyone together. 


All in all, it’s truly an important and engaging session for all of us, and we’ve learnt a lot! We would like to thank all the F&B leaders for taking their time out to come down and enjoy good food, as well as good company! 


If you’re interested in attending future events, drop us a text or simply sign up below! See you next time!

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