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It’s really important for payroll process to be done right for part-time workers, especially in Singapore where the food and beverage industry depends on part-time workers to keep things going smoothly. Done well, this keeps costs accurate and manageable, and makes sure the restaurant stays awesome while everything runs smoothly.

Based on a recent study, F&B businesses in Singapore have a typical 1:1 ratio of full to part-time (i.e. there’s on average at least 1 full-time employee for each part-time employee). Part-time workers are really important in this industry! 

What insights can we gain from this trend of part-time employment?

Why Part Time Employee is Important in F&B Business

A 1:1 ratio might suggest that the restaurant has a balanced approach to staffing, allowing for flexibility in scheduling and accommodating varying work hour preferences among employees. During peak hours or busy seasons, part-time workers can be called in to supplement the full-time staff, ensuring that the restaurant can handle increased customer traffic without sacrificing service quality. 

From a cost perspective, having a balance between full-time and part-time workers can help manage labor expenses and operational capacity, as policy requirements for part-time workers  are often less stringent around areas of healthcare and paid time off.

Challenge in Salary Calculation for Part Timers

One of the most consistently challenging aspects is likely overtime calculations.

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While part-time employees in Singapore do not have the right to paid time off, they do have the right to earn extra when it comes to overtime work. According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, the following overtime rates apply depending on the hours worked overtime:

  • If the working hours exceed the part-time employee’s daily working hours but are less than the full-time employee’s normal working hours, payment is calculated at the basic hourly rate.
  • If the working hours exceed the normal working hours of full-time employees, payment is calculated at the basic hourly rate x 1.5 for hours worked in excess of the normal working hours of full-time employees.

Overtime calculations for part-time workers can be particularly complex due to the variability of their schedules and the different rates that might apply for overtime hours. Part-time employees may be scheduled more irregularly, making it difficult to predict when overtime will occur and ensuring that it is accurately tracked and compensated. Additionally, overtime pay rates may vary based on factors such as days of the week or shift differentials, further complicating the calculation process.

, Payroll Software for Part Time Employees in Singapore

Are you experiencing a challenge like this right now? If yes, then how to solve the overtime calculation so that the payroll of part-time employees can be processed without hassle? You can try these ways below.

  • Use a time tracking system. Make sure to use the time tracking system to keep track and record of the hours part-time employees work, so we can pay them accurately and fairly.
  • Refer to the overtime rate. Make sure you calculate the overtime pay rate based on the applicable laws or employment agreements. 
  • Adjust payroll. Incorporate the calculated overtime hours and pay rates into your payroll processing system.

How PayrollAny Calculate Salary for Part Time in No Time

If you are already practicing the three things above but still have problems processing payroll for part-time employees, then it’s time to consider switching to payroll software that has a reliable system for tracking the hours worked, calculating the overtime pay rate, and seamless payroll processing. StaffAny’s PayrollAny is one of those payroll softwares.

  Managing part-time employee payroll can be made easier with PayrollAny by StaffAny. Here’s how it can help:

Automated Time Tracking

With PayrollAny, keeping track of part-time employees’ work hours is a breeze. The system automatically records their hours accurately, which is super important for part-timers with varying schedules. It then puts together all the hours worked into one easy-to-read timesheet, making payroll calculation a piece of cake.

Flexible Salary Calculation

PayrollAny understands that part-time work often comes with different pay structures. Whether employees are paid by the hour or have a fixed salary, PayrollAny can handle it all. It ensures that everyone gets paid accurately and fairly, no matter their compensation setup.

Shift Perfect, Pay Perfect

PayrollAny makes sure everything is connected seamlessly from scheduling to payslips. No more jumping between different systems or manually pulling data! It’s all integrated, with shifts scheduled, timesheets filled out, and payslips calculated effortlessly. With PayrollAny, managing part-time employee payroll has never been easier!

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In conclusion, PayrollAny by StaffAny offers a simple and effective solution for managing part-time employee payroll. With automated time tracking, flexible wage calculations, and seamless integration with scheduling systems, it takes the hassle out of payroll processing. 

By ensuring accurate recording of work hours and fair compensation for part-time workers, PayrollAny helps businesses run smoothly and keeps employees happy. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to handle part-time payroll, PayrollAny has got you covered!

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