How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

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New Joiners Resigned (Again?)

Recruitment can be an expensive and time-consuming process, even the recruitment process may not be finished after a new member joins the team. The Job Seeker Nation Report found that 30% of new employees leave during the first 90 days on the job. 

Here are some reasons why this will be a problem for the F&B and retail business owners if new employees leave in a short period:

1. A new joiner who quits creates an unbalanced workload & disrupts routines.

2. Takes time for another new employee to reach the productivity level of their predecessor.

3. Reduce the company’s profit because of the additional recruitment and training costs.

4. Diminish morale, especially if the employee was well-liked and respected by peers.

5. Externally, company branding is also affected due to indications that the work environment is not good, making it difficult to attract new talent.

So what can we learn from this situation?

Newcomers need to immediately feel at home and accepted in the workplace. Hence, managers have several actions they can take to help new team members feel comfortable and welcomed by their colleagues. These actions may include effective onboarding procedures or a warm personal welcome from team members, which can expedite the process of team integration. 


, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

Having good working relationships can be an important piece of the puzzle on how to be successful in a complex and sometimes political work environment. In addition, managers also need to keep their new employees motivated to work with passion. Below we will discuss how to motivate new joiners so that their work enthusiasm is always top notch.

How to motivate newcomers to gel with the work environment and stay longer?

Does your current employee retention strategy emphasize recognition and reward? Recognizing and rewarding employees’ contributions to the company can help them stay fulfilled in their jobs and improve their performance. Employees want to know that they are being valued and that their careers have an upward trajectory. 

Here are some ways to emphasize recognition and rewards to new employees:

1. Training and development

While onboarding is important, training and support should not end after new hire orientation. Many companies use strategic 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day training plans to help keep new hires engaged and growing their skills.

2. Mentorship

Mentoring initiatives can assist in removing any hurdles, challenges, or impediments that new employees may face. An effective mentoring program should allow new hires to ask questions and speak up freely to get the information they need to do their jobs effectively. New hires receive immediate advice, guidance, and encouragement as well as clear information and honest feedback.

3. Buddy System

According to Harvard Business Review, 56% of new hires who met with their onboarding buddy at least once in their first 90 days indicated that their buddy helped them to quickly become productive in their role.

4. Career Progression

When employees perceive a well-defined path for advancement, they tend to be more engaged and dedicated to their roles. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that employees are informed about the available opportunities for career progression.

5. Incentive

One motivation for many employees is receiving incentives for practicing a good work ethic. The benefits of an incentive program can be substantial, particularly if you have established a program that provides incentives for behaviors and actions that are meaningful to the company’s goals.

The importance of the first 90 days for new joiners

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, 30% of new employees quit within the first ninety days of employment. And according to a study from the Work Institute, more than 9 out of 100 employees quit because of unattractive incentives. This means that it is important for companies to implement incentive measures in the initial phase.

Incentive is a system that businesses use to motivate and promote better job performance and delivery in the workplace. Based on Indeed, there are two types of incentives commonly practiced by companies: positive and negative incentives. 

Positive incentives are guarantees that employees will receive something they want in return for doing a good job. Examples of positive incentives include recognition, promotions, salary increases, and so on. Meanwhile, negative incentives are actions to correct mistakes or prevent certain behaviors. Negative incentives include reprimands, demotions, salary reductions, and other types of punishment.

Employees are incentivized in various ways, and the most popular employee incentives include: monetary bonuses such as salary increases. However, it is difficult to apply this type of incentive to new employees due to their short tenure. 

In addition, research says that money is a poor work motivator. As mentioned in a McKinsey study, some non-financial motivators are more effective than cash in building long-term employee engagement across most sectors, job functions, and business contexts.

So, if monetary bonuses are not the right kind for your company, it’s time to switch to performance-based reward incentives.

Introducing performance-based reward

What is a performance-based reward? Performance-based reward is an incentive that employees receive based on their work-related contribution to the business, rather than the duration of their tenure with the company. It is a way to motivate and reward your employees for accomplishing certain tasks or objectives that are in line with your team’s vision and strategy.

Since it is performance-based, businesses must have a transparent and easily traceable performance measurement system. We certainly don’t want to create chaos among employees when they feel that their performance is being perceived unfairly. However, tracking performance manually can be a time-consuming process, isn’t it?

At StaffAny, we understand that businesses need to focus more on their products or services rather than allocating too much effort to managing employees. That’s why we came up with EngageAny, an automated performance-based rewards & employee engagement program. 

With EngageAny, we make sure that your team is operating at their peak efficiency.

As an example, with EngageAny you can set up a gamification challenge for the first 30 days of work for new joiners. They will be rewarded with coins that are automatically calculated based on how many tasks they complete within a certain period of days. With those coins, managers, supervisors, and employees can redeem various rewards from the Reward Catalog.

Simulation of performance-based reward 

To give you a better idea, take a look at the work simulation excerpt below: 

Edwin is a new employee at a chicken rice restaurant in Tiong Bahru. On the first day after the onboarding process, his operation manager – Jared assigned him a challenge on EngageAny platform with the target of collecting 50 positive Google Reviews from customers within his first month of employment.

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

First step: Creating a challenge

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

Second step: Fill up the general information for the challenge

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

Third step: Set up Goal & Reward Settings

To enhance the appeal and motivation for Edwin, Jared, the Operations Manager, has introduced a rewarding incentive of 500 coins. Edwin can redeem these coins for exciting rewards, including FairPrice vouchers and Grab vouchers.

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

Left: Reward catalogue on EngageAny
Right: Challenge progress to keep track

Once Edwin successfully completes the challenge within the specified time, he can check the number of coins he received on the dedicated Fulfilled Rewards page as shown below.

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

From there, Edwin can enjoy the freedom to choose from a wide selection of rewards he wishes to redeem with the hard-earned coins he collected through the challenge set by his Operations Manager.

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

Step to redeem rewards.

Now, Edwin possesses a valuable reward that he can utilize with our trusted partners. This exemplifies how EngageAny can effectively support you in motivating and retaining fresh talent.

, How to Spice Up Employee Retention in Your F&B Establishment

Are You Ready With New Ways to Motivate New Joiners?

Prepare yourself to unlock the potential of EngageAny, a unique offering exclusively brought to you by StaffAny! Are you ready to seamlessly integrate the power of EngageAny into your business? Don’t hesitate any further!

Learn more about EngageAny here.

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