8 Ways To Praise and Recognise Your Employees

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Employee satisfaction is the key to a company’s success. You may think that a group of adults don’t expect compliments for their hard work, but a few kind remarks go a long way in ensuring the mental health of the said employee for years to come. Make it a priority to always maintain a positive work environment as the stages of dissatisfaction can slowly creep into the higher management, compromising the entire company.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, unmotivated employees can lead to lousy customer service, poor performance, and in severe cases, decreased revenues. Thus, it is important to praise your employees for their hard work and excellent performance. Keep in mind that your employees look up to you. As the boss or manager, it is your responsibility to look after your staff’s mental well-being, both for the company’s sake and yours. 

If you want to know how to praise an employee, here are 8 ways you can build a strong and reliable bridge between you and your workers.

1. Thank you notes

The power of simple handwritten praise is often lost to most individuals. Think about it. When you write a note to an employee instead of typing it and send it to them, what message does it convey?

It shows your appreciation for their sincere effort, an authentic and respectable gesture, something that the recipient will cherish for quite some time. It’s a great time to be alive. The rate of evolution of technology in this era is mind-boggling. However, it comes at a cost, the cost of human contact, a personal touch.

Most office communications take place over chat boxes and emails on your computer screen. Taking the time to write a handwritten note sends a strong and encouraging message to your employees, assuring them that their efforts are being noticed and appreciated. You can even add a small quote or a personal message for more impact.

, 8 Ways To Praise and Recognise Your Employees

2. Praise the effort

Some employees don’t mind going the extra mile for the job. Their skill of managing tough customers and bottlenecked situations may be a gift or a skill that has been perfected over the years. Proper recognition of such skills and efforts is necessary to reinforce the morale of your employees, fueling their desires to traverse above and beyond for your organisation.

Personal notes, emails are viable options, but a simple pat on the back (or something similar) is more spontaneous and gives off a more positive assurance. You must also do your part in making your employees strive for greatness and perfection.

3. Public appraisals

The key to a healthy, productive, and competitive working environment is attention. As the manager or owner of a company, you have at your disposal a spotlight. Use it effectively. Employees love appreciation in the presence of their colleagues. They love it when you celebrate their accomplishments. You can do it during a meeting by appreciating their contributions concerning the topic at hand. You can also share something remarkable on the company’s social media platform, where people can gain wider recognition.

However, before you proceed, make sure you have a good read on their respective personalities. Some enjoy top of the world appreciation while others opt for something a bit discreet. So, do a bit of background research before making such decisions.

4. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are like second birthdays. There are various reasons an employee might choose to remain with your organisation. It could be the money, the perks, the job profile, the respect, or it could even be a passion for the job. The point is, you need to appreciate their commitment to your organisation and there is no better way of doing so than to commemorate their anniversaries. This not only ensures higher employee retention but promotes a healthy work environment where everyone strives to become better when they are appreciated for their contribution to the company.

, 8 Ways To Praise and Recognise Your Employees

5. Appreciate the ‘back end’

Every company has a set of workers working behind the scenes to support the whole process. For instance, the waiter gets the most attention as he is the one handling the customers. But the bussers, the chefs and even the dishwashers also warrant praise in light of their contribution to the job.

The back end help goes unnoticed most of the time, yet they keep on working diligently and efficiently. Praising employees from time to time, along with events and awards specifically catered to these group of employees will go a long way in encouraging their loyalty and dedication towards the job. An analyst who organises information in a systematic and documented manner, especially when they are not compensated for the extra effort, deserves appreciation. A chef who has the ability to create unique dishes to serve curious and adventure-seeking gastronomers deserves a “Well done!” from time to time.

6. Gifts

Some employers may associate gifts with a more personal touch, but it depends on your relationship with your employees. Arrange small gifts for the star employee of the month. You can give away movie tickets, gift cards, coupons, and other small trinkets. The greatest thing about ‘mini gifts’ is that they don’t appear too personal to make others feel left out, but just personal enough for others to strive for these gifts as well. It’s a nice way to implement and reinforce healthy behavior, letting your employees know that their efforts are not going unnoticed.

7. Surprises

Since you have employee performance records, giving surprise awards is powerful when it comes to an employer-employee relationship. Treat one of your teams that have been performing well with a drink at a nearby pub or store. The anticipation of such surprise gifts acts as an added incentive highlighting the fact that you are always watching and appreciate those who appreciate their work.

8. Better assignments

Employees who love their jobs will always appreciate any extra responsibilities you levy on them. This sends a message saying that you have confidence in their abilities to handle such difficult situations and in a way, they take it as recognition and appreciation of their talents.

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