7 Payroll System Companies for F&B Solution in Singapore

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A payroll system helps businesses to process the amount paid to employees for the services they provide during a specific period.

We all Singaporeans know that payroll management is not rocket science, but can have a devastating effect if something goes wrong. Time-consuming and repetitive counting tasks can easily lead to mistakes, even more so if employees are spread across different branches.

But payroll doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right partner helping you with everything. Many Singaporean establishments these days decide to subscribe to the online payroll system so that they have more time and energy to focus on their core business.

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From StaffAny’s observation, there are at least 7 payroll solution companies available in Singapore. Check out the full list below.

1. PayrollAny by StaffAny

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

PayrollAny is a reliable and efficient cloud payroll system solution that streamline payroll operations, minimize errors, and enhance employee satisfaction and trust. 

PayrollAny is tailored to meet the specific payroll needs of F&B and retail businesses that require dynamic working hours, attendance tracking, and pay item components that vary depending on shift work days.


  1. All-in-1 suite for F&B employee data integration.
  • Scheduling
  • Timesheet Consolidation
  • Leave Automation 
  • Salary Calculation

2. Count shift based pay item components.

  • Regular salary
  • Prorated salary for incomplete month
  • Weekend shift/event
  • Over-time allowance

3. Auto-calculate any fund contribution like CPF, SDL, SHG, and more.

4. Instant multi-entity payroll with bank file exports.

2. QuickHR

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

QuickHR is Singapore’s HRMS that helps you automate your payroll, scheduling, leave, claims and more.


  • System tailored CPF formulations, auto SDL deductions, Bank GIRO and CPF submission features.
  • Delivers detail-oriented reports and analytics including monthly payroll summary and year-to-date summary.
  • Manage payroll schedules and pay slips on-the-go with QuickHR’s mobile app.
  • Customisable based on your company’s policies and employees’ unique requirements.

3. PayBoy

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

Payboy is a cloud-based human resource management software that offers one-stop solution to all HR needs.


  • Automatic calculation of CPF contributions.
  • Customizable itemized payslips.
  • Integration with banks for bank files.
  • Customizable schedule for payroll processing.

Did you know that Payboy can use time attendance data provided by StaffAny? Yes, as one of our partners, Payboy can be integrated with StaffAny to get more accurate payroll calculation data.

4. Talenox

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

Talenox is a cloud-based multi-entity HR management system that lets you maintain a database of all employees, process multi-country payroll, and manage leaves.


  • Easily process single/multiple pay disbursements per month.
  • Keep track of employment history for promotions and salary increments.

By the way, as one of StaffAny’s partners, Talenox software is also integrated with StaffAny’s scheduling and timesheet features. If you are a Talenox customer, you can still use Talenox as your main software to process payroll and StaffAny for time attendance purposes.

5. JustLogin

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

Justlogin is an employee-first cloud platform for small to mid-sized businesses to manage their human resource operations.


  • Customized and multiple payroll schedules can be made for both monthly and fortnightly pay runs.
  • Downloadable itemized payslips from mobile app or online portal.
  • Unlimited custom pay elements with the options of allowances, deductions, or reimbursements.

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6. Employment Hero

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

Employment Hero is an end-to-end human resources management system that covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding to engagement, productivity.


  • Automating payroll processing tasks such as payroll reports and timesheets.
  • Downloading and applying tax codes and CPF calculations.
  • Generate CPF statements and more in just a few clicks.

7. SingRoll

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

Singroll is a free payroll software that features employee, payroll, and payslip management.


  • Provides customers with itemized payslips.
  • No restriction on the number of users.
  • Compute and submit CPF and IR8A through any device.

As an existing StaffAny partner, SingRoll’s platform is also compatible with StaffAny’s scheduling and attendance features.

, 7 <strong>Payroll System</strong> Companies for F&amp;B<strong> </strong>Solution in Singapore

7 Reasons Why PayrollAny is the Right Payroll System for Your F&B Business in Singapore

PayrollAny is the most modern payroll system in Singapore, created from the study of the product team at StaffAny who listened to concerns about payroll challenges and issues faced by brick and mortar businesses, F&B owners, and HR professionals in the market. Then we observed existing payroll systems, found gaps and came up with solutions to solve payroll problems.

Now you know that StaffAny has a payroll system called PayrollAny. But is this the cloud solution you’ve been looking for? If you are still in doubt, here are 7 reasons why PayrollAny is indeed suitable to help solve payroll problems in your establishment.

  1. Timesheet formulas that automatically calculate payroll

Consolidated timesheets from all your shift workers, feeding into powerful formulas that automatically churn out accurate payroll. No more errors, no more late nights.

  1. Close the loop from scheduling, to timesheets, to payroll and payslips

Say goodbye to silos and manual data pulling! PayrollAny is built directly on top of scheduling and timesheet systems. Effortlessly pull data from across your business, with shifts scheduled, timesheets tabulated and pay slips calculated in a seamless symphony.

  1. Simple user experience, only four steps to get your payslips.

You will no longer have problems converting timesheets into payslips because PayrollAny only requires four easy steps to convert timesheet calculations into payslip details. Check out the guide in this article.

  1. Flexibility in accounting for salary payment components.

Forget the nightmare of one-size-fits-all payroll. PayrollAny’s custom formula handles your unique pay structure with ease, be it overtime multipliers, attendance bonuses, meal allowances, or other special pay items.

  1. Instant multi-entity payroll with bank file exports

Run instant payroll across all your entities simultaneously. One click is all it  takes to handle paydays for everyone from HQ to your all branches. Export bank files to complete payment runs with your corporate bank accounts.

  1. Support for compliance, tax and fund accounting

PayrollAny has automated calculation features for various payroll deductions based on Singapore government laws. Currently, PayrollAny can accurately calculate CPF, SDL and SHG for each employee for each company payroll cycle.

  1. Full support from customer service team

Did we mention that PayrollAny is a Singapore-based payroll system? Being a local product, PayrollAny understands the payroll challenges, from behavioral to technical issues, that Singaporean companies face. And our customer service team can more quickly understand the source of the problems encountered to be resolved immediately so as not to affect your business operations.

Our payroll software solution gives you the freedom to focus on what truly matters, which is your F&B business. 

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