21 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

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A positive workplace environment is a fundamental element on which the success of an organization or company depends. An employee’s level of motivation directly affects the performance and productivity of any company. A less motivated workplace domain can put the company at high risk. To improve efficiency, boost productivity, and increase the dedication of employees, it is necessary to keep them motivated daily. Keeping your employees motivated and inspired is one of the principal responsibilities of team management. It’s hard to encourage your employees and increase their motivation, but it’s mandatory. Without it, your company can never achieve the productivity level you desire!

Here are some of the brilliant ways to motivate employees.

1. Let your employees see the bigger picture

Make sure that your employees see the bigger picture, which means they can understand how their efforts at that particular moment eventually contribute towards achieving the bigger goal.

2. Focus on every employee’s strengths

Every employee is different. Their potentials, strengths, and weaknesses differ from one another. Focus on every employee individually to make them feel seen. It would be very appealing for the employees to work with someone who listens to their ideas and issues, thus, appreciating their presence.

3. Spread positive energy

To keep your employees’ engagement and participation high, always be positive around them. The energy you radiate affects your employees and their productivity. To make sure the employees get motivated, be highly energetic in front of them. They will certainly take after you!

4. Embrace your employees’ creativity

Welcome all employee ideas. This encourages them to share their innovations with you without hesitation. Creativity doesn’t always have to be about the work the employees do, but it can be any simple idea regarding team-bonding activities, and so on.

5. Express gratitude

There are a million ways to express appreciation and say thanks to your employees. The feeling when the management recognizes their work and efforts makes them happy and motivates them to do even better.

6. Break down big goals into more manageable smaller ones

To get your desired goals, motivate your employees by setting smaller weekly or monthly goals. These short-time goals are easily achievable and keep the employees engaged. When the check off weekly and monthly goals, this motivates the employees to achieve the bigger ones in a more manageable manner.

7. Maintain a healthy competition among your employees

A healthy competitive environment is perfect for keeping your employees engaged and productive. A sense of competition among the employees pushes them to work harder and excel, benefiting both their career and the organization. But an important thing to keep in mind is that this should never give rise to envy or jealousy among your staff. Ensure that competition that does not bring your employees towards negativity.

how to motivate employees, 21 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

8. Build an inspiring workplace environment

Your workplace surroundings matters a lot as it is where your employees are spending the bulk of their time throughout the week. Keep it inspiring and positive that the employees love going to work every day. Remember, when an employee genuinely wants to go to work, his productivity can reach beyond your expectations. Such an employee is a worthy investment. Make sure that the employees enjoy going to work. Simple things such as maintaining workplace cleanliness can help declutter and make your workplace more productive.

9. Let your employees know that you trust them

Show the employees that you trust their skills, ideas, and instincts. These simple gestures motivate them and push them to be more loyal to the organization.

10. Grant them some autonomy

Balance is a must, but a little independence brings no harm! Give your employees some freedom to make them feel motivated and empowered. When they think they have some control over certain matters or projects, it allows them able to work independently with confidence. This motivates them and improves their management skills as well.

11. Appreciate

Appreciation is key! The more you understand the employees, the more effectively they will work. It’s like a golden rule! Appreciate them and see what magic your simple words of encouragement can bring. Getting appreciated by upper management means so much to the employees.

12. Improve communication with your employees

Communication must serve as a bridge, not a barrier between the management and the employees. Try spending some of the time of your day to talk to your employees. Engage in discussions about their concerns and ideas. Make them comfortable to come and discuss matters with you.

13. Build a bond with your employees

Try creating a relationship with your employees by taking care of their professional needs and providing them with a friendly environment. In the long run, such loyal employees can prove to be your organization’s greatest asset.

14. Value each employee

Promote teamwork but bear in mind to appreciate the employees individually to make them realize you value their efforts and time.

15. Gamify the crucial tasks to enhance productivity

Gamification of essential tasks and projects makes work more fun for your employees. They may feel more comfortable taking on larger projects as they will not feel as burdened with work. With this technique, employees get motivated to do better without feeling exhausted.

16. Let them have financial security

Let them feel secure financially by providing them with the salary they deserve.

17. Boost employee motivation by rewarding them

Whatever the way you do it, getting paid for making extra efforts boosts the employees’ motivation beyond your imagination. Try giving away some performance-based rewards every month to keep the employees’ participation high.

how to motivate employees, 21 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

18. Celebrate success and outcomes

A little fun is good for keeping the employees motivated and engaged. Whenever they achieve a big goal, celebrate success. It helps them stay energetic.

19. Give regular breaks

Give the employees proper lunchtime and tea breaks so that they get back to work even more energetically.

20. Show your employees how confident you feel about them

Ask the employees for their suggestions and recommendations. This meaningful gesture makes them feel valued as a team member.

21. Acknowledge their efforts

Sometimes, It can happen that a high achiever in your company may not do his best under certain circumstances. Make them feel okay with it by acknowledging their low performances and efforts as well. This subtle art of acknowledgment will prove to be a great driving force for the employees to persist and continue to perform.

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