Finally, A Time Attendance System that links Operations & HR

Poor communication between HR and Ops communication sucks, and we've solved it via StaffAny. Our time tools are more than information. We feed cleaned operational data into HR in real time.

Time Attendance System App

Track Time Easily & Accurately

Latest Cloud Technology

With StaffAny, time and attendance is done through staff’s mobile devices, through our latest cloud clock in technology. No need to maintain expensive hardware. 

Multiple Secure Methods

Track time & attendance via the method most suitable for you. For brick-and-mortar stores, we recommend Geofence and QR, or Wifi for secure clock-in. For field teams clocking-in to non-fixed locations in a day, GPS would serve you well. 


Stop Time Theft & Reduce Costs​

Stick To Planned Costs & Hours

StaffAny’s smart time attendance system tracks actual worked hours only. Through smart matching, auto-clock out and unathorised clock-in prevent, you can rest easy.

We prevent staff from clocking-in before shift timings start and ensure they do not clock-out late just to clock OT hours. Keep labor costs down, and make HR processing a breeze!

Clock-In to Multiple Locations

Shifti & Track Time Across Multiple Locations

Clock into different locations with nicely categorised work hours, making transferring between locations a hassle free operation. Consolidating worked hours for employees who work across different outlets can be time-consuming and troublesome.

StaffAny Audit Trail on Time Attendance System

Get Traceability When You Go Back In Time

Because Accuracy is key for HR

We’re all for transparency – all edits made are logged in an audit trail, so you know what happened at that point in time. 

We use StaffAny because it gives us a better overview of what’s going on, in real time! This allows us to better plan and adjust multibranch operations seamlessly.

Edmund, Ops Development Manager
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StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams