Feature Updates – June 2023

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StaffAny just updated their five important features for each user in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The updated features are Compulsory Attachment for Any Leave Types, Join Org, Diagnostic Tools, CICO Self-Serve Delete, and lastly, Last Working Date + Auto Deactivation. With this update, StaffAny hopes to provide a more seamless experience for their users.

What’s different about each feature update in this StaffAny app? Read this article further for a summary.

1. Compulsory Attachment for Any Leave Types

Leave is an important topic for employees and employers. Therefore, the coordination of leave must always be transparent so that both parties can benefit from each other, especially when there is a sudden leave due to illness which needs to be responded to quickly. In this update, StaffAny adds a new option so that users can easily synchronize documents such as medical certificates (MCs) for applying for sick leave. 

Find out more about how to use this feature in the following Help Article.

, Feature Updates – June 2023

2. Section Invite Code

On-boarding new employees usually takes a while. To shorten the time, StaffAny made an update to the Join Org feature so that new employees can be more quickly integrated into their company’s systems. Now there is an invite code feature that makes it quick and easy to add staff to the new team via their mobile number – no more manual data entry! Once they send a request, the manager can immediately approve it and they will be added to the team. 

See details on how to use this feature in the following Help Article.

, Feature Updates – June 2023

3. Diagnostic Tools

Check In/Out digitally is not common for some people which sometimes creates problems when Check In/Out. Now StaffAny presents Diagnostic Tools, a troubleshooting tool to ensure that your device’s settings are configured correctly for a smooth Check In/Out. 

Read the troubleshooting guide for CICO issues in the following Help Article.

, Feature Updates – June 2023

4. Self-Serve Delete Clocked Records

Clocked records are important to have in order to track and manage staff’s working hours. Now authorized users can easily make their own adjustments if there are clocked records that need to be changed. 

Check out the procedure in the following Help Article.

, Feature Updates – June 2023

5. Last Working Date + Auto Deactivation

Resign is something that often happens in the world of workforce, especially if the worker has a part-time status. And when this happens, key access to the company needs to be stopped too. This feature will ensure automatic deactivation starts after 60 days from the date of resign, so you never have to worry about forgetting to end an employee’s access.

Check out the full steps in the following Help Article.

, Feature Updates – June 2023

About StaffAny

StaffAny is a software-as-a-service startup that helps businesses reduce work dedicated to scheduling & time tracking and reduce operational costs by minimizing time theft and overtime spend. In addition to managing hourly workers, StaffAny tracks staff performance and automates end-of-month timesheet consolidations. The company today operates in three countries across Southeast Asia namely Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Contact us today and start experiencing the benefits of a connected workforce!

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