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Easily check leaves/MCs, and click to easily request part-timer availabilities. Assign shifts easily and once published, your entire team is notified via the app. 

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Hit cost targets and maximise profits! With our smart cost wheel, know how much labour costs you will incur from your schedule. 

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Edit shifts on web or mobile. We’ll update your team once changes are made – everyone’s kept in the loop.

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StaffAny highlights clashing shifts for you: no double-scheduling of staff in 2 different locations.

You can also assign staff to another outlet when required. All clock-in data neatly tracked, no mess!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! you can schedule break time in minutes and your staff will also clock-in and clock-out for break time. 

Yes, we do leave management as well. You can create custom leaves, track the remaining numbers and view these while scheduling. 

Yes, you can do so on our StaffAny app! We recommend web view as it is provides a better view, but we understand managers are always on-the-move. Besides creating schedules, you can also make changes on mobile.

Besides scheduling, StaffAny enables you to key in daily sales, to track Sales Per Labour Hour (SPLH). SPLH tells you if you how productive your team is. A low SPLH indicates you may have to schedule less workers, or ramp up sales. SPLH is an ongoing indicator you can always monitor to track your team’s progress.