Free Template for Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist by StaffAny

This free editable Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist template will help you reduce the chances of tasks being missed at opening and closing time. The checklist template is ideal for restaurant manager, head chef and executive management of restaurants.

, Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist

How Can Our Template Help You?

  1. Streamline your restaurant operations and help you stay organized.
  2. Help your staff to open and start serving customers faster and easier, or to close and go home at night.
  3. Make sure tasks are not forgotten during busy periods and left for the next server to complete.

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, Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist

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, Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist

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, Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist


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, Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist
, Restaurant Opening & Closing Checklist

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StaffAny Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist Solution

The restaurant opening and closing checklist is a fundamental tool for maintaining efficient and well-organised operations within the hospitality industry. This comprehensive checklist provides restaurant staff with a systematic framework to ensure that essential tasks are meticulously executed during both the opening and closing procedures.

Utilising the restaurant opening and closing checklist tool, restaurant managers and staff can effectively prepare for the commencement of the business day by completing crucial pre-opening tasks. These may include setting up the dining area, verifying inventory levels, ensuring the proper functioning of kitchen equipment, and adhering to stringent safety and hygiene protocols.

Moreover, the checklist serves as an invaluable resource during the conclusion of each operational day, facilitating a structured approach to closing procedures. It aids staff members in all duties for the restaurant opening checklist and closing checklists, such as thorough cleaning and sanitisation of the premises, appropriate storage of remaining food items, accurate reconciliation of cash registers, and implementation of stringent security measures to safeguard the restaurant’s assets.

Additionally, the restaurant opening and closing checklist fosters seamless communication and collaboration among team members, fostering a cohesive work environment and ensuring the completion of all essential tasks within designated timeframes.

Restaurant manager can uphold operational excellence and maintain the highest standards of service and hygiene within the hospitality sector. By adhering to this comprehensive checklist, restaurants can streamline their operations, deliver a superior dining experience for their customers, and establish a reputation for exceptional service and operational efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

An opening and closing checklist is a list of tasks your staff must complete before opening or closing a restaurant business. These duties are considered pre-opening and post-operation duties to keep your food business safe and free from food safety concerns.

This checklist is an essential tool for verifying all activities required to ensure smooth operations and efficient workdays for all staff and fully prepared to provide the best customer experience.

Print a checklist for each working day and have your team record and sign it when they have completed operational activities. This documentation can serve as proof of your compliance with food safety operations for sanitary inspections.

In general, whether your business is a service bar, hotel, restaurant, food production business, or retail store, the operations checklist will always apply to you. This checklist reminds your company personnel of their responsibilities in operations.

Many opening and closing checklists are separated into three sections – front of house, back of house (or kitchen) and management.

  1. Identify the activity.
  2. Categorize your list.
  3. Establish frequency and other notes.
  4. Make the checklist available to all parties involved.
  5. Archive your documents.