Free Template for Employee Attendance Tracker by StaffAny

This template allows you to track your employees’ work days each month and save time and money by tracking your team’s billable hours. It also provides valuable information about a company’s productivity levels and overall efficiency.

, <strong>Employee Attendance Tracker Template</strong>

How Can Our Template Help You?

  1. Help you track attendance – so you can see who’s absent, present, or running late, etc. 
  2. Help you plan and schedule tasks for the day among those employees that are present.
  3. Help to distribute the workload and plan your shifts accordingly. 
  4. Help you record attendance data so that you can pay your team accurately for their billable work time.

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Did you know?

StaffAny has helped companies across multiple countries in several other ways.

, <strong>Employee Attendance Tracker Template</strong>

Cost Optimization

Up to $24K annual labor cost savings

, <strong>Employee Attendance Tracker Template</strong>

Time Savings

50% faster timesheet consolidation

, <strong>Employee Attendance Tracker Template</strong>


30-40% decrease in staff lateness

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, <strong>Employee Attendance Tracker Template</strong>
, <strong>Employee Attendance Tracker Template</strong>

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Attendance Management Tool

StaffAny Employee Attendance Tracker

This comprehensive employee attendance tracker is a centralised system for recording and tracking employee attendance, enabling businesses to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of employee work hours and absences.

By utilising our employee attendance tracker template, businesses can effectively monitor employee punctuality and adherence to work schedules, allowing for prompt and proactive management of any attendance-related issues. This tool enables businesses to identify any recurring patterns of absenteeism, allowing them to implement appropriate measures to address any potential productivity or staffing concerns.

Furthermore, the employee attendance tracking software is crucial in streamlining payroll processing and ensuring accurate employee compensation. By accurately recording employee work hours and attendance data, businesses can calculate payroll more efficiently, avoiding discrepancies and promoting transparency in the payment process.

Additionally, the employee attendance template promotes a culture of accountability and responsibility among employees. By providing a clear and transparent record of attendance, this tool encourages employees to take ownership of their work hours and fosters a sense of commitment to fulfilling their work responsibilities reliably and punctually.

By analysing attendance data, businesses can identify any areas for process improvement, implement targeted training initiatives, and foster a more engaged and productive workforce. The employee attendance tracker is an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to maintain efficient workforce management and uphold high standards of attendance and punctuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

An employee attendance tracker is a document that records the presence, absence, and other attendance data of employees for payroll or scheduling purposes.

Attendance tracking ensures that employees are paid correctly. It also provides valuable information about a company’s productivity levels and overall efficiency. By monitoring staff attendance, organizations can identify areas for improvement and implement additional training to improve performance and outcomes.

General approaches to absence treatment include:

  • Take disciplinary measures for extreme absenteeism.
  • Checking for illness after a period of time.
  • Using a PTO bank to assist in reducing unplanned leave.
  • Focus on personal recognition for staff with positive attendance records and attitude.
  • Clearly communicate attendance policies and absentee procedures. 
  • Show your employees that you care – find out the reasons for their absence. 
  • Fix attendance issues in real time. 
  • Apply the rules fairly to everyone. 
  • Prepare a backup document. 
  • Praise and reward good attendance while recognizing areas for improvement.
  • Create a culture where all employees intentionally build relationships with their peers.
  • Monitor attendance and take care of underperforming staff.
  • Minimize barriers to participation. 
  • Create opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Employees who frequently arrive on time and properly report absences and tardiness demonstrate good attendance requirements.