The Product Designer


StaffAny’s mission is to shape and empower the future of hourly work. As a Product Designer, you will help define our products and features from start to end, improving the user experience and driving business outcomes like customer acquisition and retention. You will be working in a highly collaborative, cross-functional pod working with product managers and engineers to ensure that we build the right products, and also build our products right.

You Are

  • A budding Product Designer with basic design skills under your belt.
  • Empathetic towards customers or collaborate with different stakeholders to gather insights, and translate it to successful execution.
  • Someone who has read about design sprints, done a couple of user interviews, ran a few side projects, and want to work with a team to bring your ideas to live. You have experience building wireframes and prototypes, and understand how to effectively incorporate user feedback to improve your craft.
  • An appreciator of good products… terrible websites make you cringe.
  • Aspiring to work as a product manager/user researcher/senior product designer in the next 1-3 year
  • Someone who wants to experience the dynamism, autonomy, and opportunity to create impact in a cross-functional product team.
  • Someone who takes pride in your work, and are not afraid of a little hard work if it gets you to the finish line faster.

You Will Find Yourself

  • Anchoring design projects end to end, ranging from research, conceptual design, prototypes, validation of usability and feasibility to creating production ready designs and implementation
  • Articulating design decisions, leveraging experience, research, and data to build consensus and move the product process forward, and incorporating feedback into the design lifecycle
  • Creating durable, reusable components and patterns to accelerate the design process and create consistent, coherent experiences for users.
  • Working alongside engineers and other designers to ensure design quality in implementation and process improvements
  • Supporting design initiatives by sharing your process and knowledge and bringing our processes inside the team to the next level

Stuff We're Looking For, Culture-Wise

  • Take Ownership. Your success is the success of your work, you’re accountable for devising and executing the winning plan.
  • Be Open. You bring your full and genuine self to work, and are honest and direct while caring personally for the people around you.
  • Growth Mindset. We are lifelong learners. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and ourselves, never settling for “good enough”.

How the department’s success is being measured

  • Improvement in UX, as measured by an uplift in UX Metrics like UMUX, HEART

The Offer

  • The opportunity to help shape the product and make an impact on the future of hourly work
  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment that pushes you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Work together with a passionate and driven do-ers in a young and vibrant environment.