The Business Development Front-liner

StaffAny’s mission is to shape and empower the future of work. As the hunters of StaffAny, we stand at the frontline, spearheading and charting the growth of the Company. We provide our users with a remedy that streamline and automate their painful Operations/HR processes. Our users rely on our superpowers to understand their frustrations and we are here to empower them to make time for what they love.

StaffAny started humbly from SouthEast Asia and is growing fast. We are looking to bet on our next rockstar who can learn and grow together with us. You will be part of the early team to shape and accelerate the growth of the company and be involved in the entire sales process, from early prospecting and engaging up to closing. If you are a go-getter who naturally puts yourself in the shoes of customers and is fascinated with challenges and growth, we would love to hear from you!

You Are

  • A never-say-die hustler thrives on problem solving
  • A champion with a growth mindset and love to optimize numbers
  • Ready to get your hands dirty
  • Looking for challenges and responsibilities
  • Hungry with a go-getter attitude

You Will Find Yourself

  • Being part of the company’s growth momentum
  • Optimizing outbound funnels and conversions through growth strategies and data driven actions
  • Challenging yourself to think out of the box to engage potential prospects and optimize appointments for bottom of funnel sales team
  • Strategizing and implementing growth strategies consistent with company vision;
  • Collecting and analysing feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape sales and growth strategies
  • Working with head of growth to create sales and growth plans and roadmaps
  • Producing and reviewing sales and growth standard operating procedure documents (SOP)
  • Achieving revenue target AS a team.

The Offer

  • The opportunity to be part of the team that paints the StaffAny’s story.
  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment where you learn how to be comfortable uncomfortable.
  • Work together with a passionate and driven bunch of do-ers in a young and vibrant environment.