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  • Faster scheduling and better visibility
    of labour costs with one-click scheduling

  • GPS / WiFi Secured Time Clock Tracker
    with zero set up costs

  • Automated timesheet consolidation
    (multi-outlet supported)

  • Real time reports for employee performance

Don't let manual work slow you down

One click smart scheduling and real time staff availability updates.


Track staff attendance and gain full visibility of operations.

Get notified about issues and manage them on the go with our mobile app.



Schedule in minutes

No more back and forth communication

Say goodbye to manual shift assignments and hello to one-click scheduling. StaffAny helps you plan efficiently by obtaining real time staff availabilities and mapping them to open shifts. 

Still using punchcards?

Ours is way cooler

Prevent time theft by implementing our secure clock in methods. Plus, your staff can clock in from their mobile devices — no need for expensive hardware.

Hate Excel?

We do too.

Calculating overtime pay, identifying anomalies and evaluating work performances are nightmares. Let us do it for you. With our smart timesheets, payroll generating is just a few clicks away. 

Customer Reviews

Before engaging StaffAny, I had to spend a week calculating hours for around 30 staff. Now, I only need half a day to upload all my staff’s hours to my current payroll provider for salary consolidation. I thank StaffAny for their diligent arrangement and help, and for that they have designed a system which is suitable for our operation. It has since transformed and improved the way we work.

Casey, Human Resource

“We use StaffAny because it gives us a better overview of what’s going on, in real time! This allows us to better plan and adjust multi-branch operations seamlessly.”


Edmund, Operations Development Manager
Gelare Ice Cream

Pricing as low as $69 a month.