Managing Multiple Outlets

Planning for multiple outlets or departments has never been easy.

After working closely with hundreds of F&B managers and HR professionals, we understand your pain of schedule planning and timesheet consolidation with multiple outlets.

On top of the countless hours spent on scheduling, you need to generate and consolidate all the timesheet reports from the different outlets.

Yes, this is painful and we heard you.

That’s why we came up with a solution to ease the pain with StaffAny’s “Sections” feature! Our “Sections” feature allows you to (1) get an overview of your staff across multiple outlets, (2) consolidate your timesheets, and (3) allow clocking in and out between outlets.

Overview Across Multiple Outlets

Video on overview of schedule across outlets.

With StaffAny, you can see an overview of where and when your staff is scheduled. This saves precious hours since you no longer need to go back and forth between schedule to check on your staff scheduled movement.

We Consolidate Timesheets for You

Not only do we give you an overview of your staff’s schedule, we also consolidate the timesheets from all the outlets into one page.

The “Section” tag under the “Timesheets” tab shows you the outlet that your staff worked for a particular shift. All you have to do is to ensure that all the actual worked hours are recorded properly and you can export this information out as a CSV.

Clock in and out between Outlets

We understand that on the ground operations is unpredictable and you never know when you are short-handed and require an extra pair of hands from other outlets. With StaffAny, last minute deployment is made easy and your staff can clock in between different outlets as long as they belong to your organisation.

Let us provide you with an illustration: Staff 1 belongs to outlet A. However, outlet B is short-handed and manager B requested help from manager A. Manager A decided to send staff 1 over to outlet B. Hence, staff 1 clock out of outlet A and clock in at outlet B to help out. Once staff 1 is done at outlet B, he will clock out at outlet B. Do note that staff 1 would be required to clock out at outlet A before heading to outlet B. Also, outlet B manager would need to approve staff 1 unscheduled clock request.

Here’s all the update on how we help busy managers like yourself in managing multiple outlets. At StaffAny, we understand the fluidity of operations and we’re here to help you eliminate all the hassle so that you can make time to do what matters!

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