Happy Birthday StaffAny! Check out our Story!

Staffany’s Goal is to build trust in every f&b and retail so that businesses can focus on doing what really matters.

It’s hard to believe it has already been a year. For the founders, it still feels like yesterday when we were cranking our brains together for a module while on the NUS Overseas College program, NOC. We had many ideas, but StaffAny stood out among the rest. To celebrate, we want to share with you three major milestones during our first year and to give thanks to the people who made this happen.

Staffany’s First Year Recap

January 2018 – The Birth of Staffany

We started Staffany during our final semester while studying at the National University of Singapore. Unlike the fancy stories of startups that started in garages, we started in our university hostel, N-house where we spent days and nights revamping our business model canvas. We spent hours everyday surrounded by walls covered in post-its in the initial stages of building Staffany.

May 2018 – First Beta Closed 

After countless hours of blood, sweat and tears, we came out with the first ever prototype of Staffany! We finally had an App for scheduling and while there was a lot more work and hustle left to be done, we were excited about our product!

July 2018 – First Customer 

Over the two months since launching the MVP of Staffany, we interviewed over 150 F&B companies and collected insightful feedback. Using the knowledge that we gained, we laid out the foundation of Staffany. We now had an App for employee scheduling and timesheets management. 

Dec 2018 – Happy Users! 

Fast forward to december and we were in more than 40 locations islandwide! We were growing faster and faster with each month and ended the year on a wonderful high note!

What’s next?

Moving forward, we are excited to be spending more time building solutions that will help businesses focus on the important tasks at hand. Once the product has established itself in the local market, we definitely hope to launch the App of a global platform so that more businesses could benefit from our product. 

Of course, all this progress and milestones could not have been achieved without the help of people who have played a part in the foundation of Staffany. We would like to sincerely thank all these wonderful people for making Staffany what it is today!

We would also like to thank the organisations that have been supporting us. NUS enterprise, Spring Singapore, ESG, Velocity, Y-Combinator Startup School, Scape and StartupX. As we become a year older, we have grown stronger and hope to deliver more amazing experiences to more happy users.

If you know of anyone in the space of F&B / Retail or businesses that require staff scheduling and timesheets management, we would love if you could hit us up with a referral! Every referral is special to us as and we really value all the support that comes our way.

With this, happy birthday to us and we look forward to celebrating with you again next year!

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