Biometrics and punch cards are

pulling you down

Trade them for StaffAny CICO to guard against costly COVID-19 compliance breaches. 

StaffAny CiCo (Clock in, Clock out) is a new mobile app that helps you automate timesheets and comply with SafeEntry and temperature logging measures.

Free till 30th June!

Worry less about

Staff are reminded to do SafeEntry and log their temperature

SafeEntry fingerprint

Replace biometric and manual timesheets

Combine time & attendance with SafeEntry to do less work!

Stay updated on staff movement

Enable real time team visibility for greater assurance, on-the-go 


Compliance in 3 simple steps

1. Staff are reminded before shifts start

Reminders before leaving home and reminders once again on shift, should they forget!

2. Staff clock-in at work

Contactless clock-in that immediately goes to records. We direct your team to SafeEntry and temperature log, at that very moment!

3. Live Timesheets

Verify compliance and export their time & attendance, anytime, anywhere!

It’s a cloud based system; no hardware required, and set up within minutes.

It’s time to let go of your Biometrics and Punchcards-

They’re helpless in your fight against Covid-19. 

Worse, they encourage physical contact and congregation at shift start times. 

Let StaffAny CICO replace your biometric
and help you with compliance,
for free!