Thought time & attendance

should be easier?

We thought so too. Biometrics, excel sheets and punch cards are alright but why settle?

StaffAny CiCo (Clock in, Clock out) is a new mobile app that
simplifies clock-in for staff, and time & attendance for managers.

Free for 2020!

*For all sign-ups before 31st July 🙂

It’s Accurate

Track and record work hours and clock-in locations 

It’s Instant

Real time visibility of your team, on the go 

It’s Easy

No more manual work – everything’s digitised!


Simple for staff and managers alike 🙂

1. Contactless,
Easy Clock-In

Staff sign in with the tap of a button on their mobile device. Contactless and zero hardware required!

2. Real Time Updates from Anywhere

Managers get to see in real-time who is in or late (whether from office, home or… the beach!) 

3. Export Timesheets Immediately

Verify and export staff time & attendance, anytime, anywhere!

 Cloud based system; set up within minutes.

Used by all industries:






Let StaffAny CICO replace your current methods, for free!