Biometrics and punch cards are

pulling you down

Trade them for StaffAny CICO to guard against costly COVID-19 compliance breaches. 

StaffAny CICO (Clock in, Clock out) is a mobile app that helps you automate timesheets and comply with Safe Management measures – SafeEntry, temperature logging and health declarations. 

Try it to believe it

Jump on a 2 week CICO free trial,
before deciding if this is helpful for you 🙂

An ease of mind on

Staff are sent reminders to do SafeEntry and log their temperature

Replace biometric and manual timesheets

Track time & attendance plus SafeEntry in a safer, quicker way

Stay updated on staff movement

Enable real time team visibility for greater assurance, on-the-go 


Compliance in 3 simple steps

1. Reminder Notifications

Reminders before shifts and on shift, so your staff won’t miss SafeEntry

Group 16 (1)
Group 36

2. Contactless Clock-in

Immediate re-direction to SafeEntry after clock-in. Digital records of temperature: goodbye paperwork!

3. Live Timesheets

Export time & attendance when you need them: anytime, anywhere!

Cloud based system, no hardware required. Set up done in minutes.

Group 174


Replace biometrics, punch cards and paper timesheets. Now with SafeEntry
FREE TRIAL For 2 weeks (UP $29/mo)
  • Features:
  • Contactless clock-in
  • clock-out system
  • Timesheet generation
  • for payroll processing
  • Real-time team visibility
  • NEW:
  • Compliance support
  • SafeEntry compliance
  • Temperature log

Join over 80 businesses who have let go of their Biometrics, Punchcards and Excel methods