Biometrics and punch cards are

pulling you down

Track time more accurately, easily and safely. 

StaffAny CICO (Clock in, Clock out) helps you
track time accurately, automate timesheets
and comply with Safe Management. 

Introducing the CICO App

Employees Clock In and Out on mobile. You Get Timesheets Immediately. 
Start CICO Today for Free: 30 days trial. No CC required.

Digitalise your processes, save time & money

Do away with clunky hardware that wears out with time, and manual transfers. 

Ease of tracking 

Managers don’t have to be on the ground to know what’s happening. Track this easily from your device.

Flexibility of use

Whether you are tracking on-site workers or just office workers; You’re all covered!


CICO in 3 simple steps

1. Contactless

Employees clock-in and out from their own devices.

Choose from your preferred clock-in methods (Wifi, GPS, Geofence), for the most accurate timing. 

Frame 15 (2)
Frame 16 (1)

2. Visibility on staff clock-ins

Managers get updated in real time: (who is in, who is late) and can access this anywhere, from your device. 

This means better tracking on staff performance too! 

3. Automated Timesheets

Say goodbye to manual timesheets! CICO automatically generates timesheets for you, exported in one-click 

Cloud based system, with no hardware required. Set up done in minutes 🙂

Frame 17 (1)


Replace biometrics, punch cards and paper timesheets. Now with SafeEntry
FREE TRIAL For 30 days (UP $29/mo)
  • Features:
  • Contactless clock-in
  • clock-out system
  • Timesheet generation
  • for payroll processing
  • Real-time team visibility
  • NEW:
  • Compliance support
  • SafeEntry compliance
  • Temperature log

Join over 80 businesses who have let go of their Biometrics, Punchcards and Excel methods