Biometrics and punch cards are

pulling you down

Trade them for StaffAny CICO to guard against costly COVID-19 compliance breaches. 

StaffAny CiCo (Clock in, Clock out) is a mobile app that helps you automate timesheets and comply with Safe Management measures – SafeEntry, temperature logging and health declarations. 

FREE for a limited time only!

CICO is free until 31st Dec 2020, 
for all new sign-ups before 31st July 2020 🙂

An ease of mind on

Staff are sent reminders to do SafeEntry and log their temperature

Replace biometric and manual timesheets

Track time & attendance plus SafeEntry in a safer, quicker way

Stay updated on staff movement

Enable real time team visibility for greater assurance, on-the-go 


Compliance in 3 simple steps

1. Reminder Notifications

Reminders before shifts and on shift, so your staff won’t miss SafeEntry

Group 16 (1)
Group 36

2. Contactless Clock-in

Immediate re-direction to SafeEntry after clock-in. Digital records of temperature: goodbye paperwork!

3. Live Timesheets

Export time & attendance when you need them: anytime, anywhere!

Cloud based system, no hardware required. Set up done in minutes.

Group 174


Replace biometrics, punch cards and paper timesheets. Now with SafeEntry
FREE for 2020, for sign ups
before 31 Jul 2020 (UP $29/mo)
  • Features:
  • Contactless clock-in
  • clock-out system
  • Timesheet generation
  • for payroll processing
  • Real-time team visibility
  • NEW:
  • Compliance support
  • SafeEntry compliance
  • Temperature log

Join over 80 businesses who have let go of their Biometrics, Punchcards and Excel methods